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Workover Rig Companies

Updated on January 16, 2015

Workover Rig Companies

Included below is a reference list of workover rig companies in the drilling industry. The companies that have been named on this list service oil and gas wells in the U.S. and overseas. Now, with industry demand reaching new highs, employment opportunities have been surging. In fact, most oil rig jobs in North America and abroad have open positions for qualified candidates. To learn more about new career options in the field, take some time and browse through the list provided below. (If you find the following page helpful, feel free to bookmark it for future reference. To have your company added to this list, leave a request in the comments section at the bottom.)

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-Workover Rig Companies (In Alphabetical Order)-

Aladdin Middle East

Aladdin is an American oil and gas production company that operates primarily in Turkey. Today, the company owns 11 different drilling rigs capable of reaching depths of up to 25,000 feet. Aladdin’s drilling division is responsible for the exploration and development of more than 60 wells in the region. To apply for a career with them, try visiting or give their Kansas headquarters a call at (316) 265-9602.

Arab Drilling and Workover

Arab Drilling and Workover was established in 1980 as a Middle Eastern oil and gas drilling company. Now, it is one of the area’s leading work-over contractors with over 14 rigs operating in Libya and Syria. Their extensive list of heavy-hitting clients puts them ahead of their local competitors. To explore their company and view potential career opportunities, visit their website at or call their Libya office by dialing 218 21 480 4854/55.


BKE is the largest onshore drilling contractor currently operating in resource rich Russia. In 2009 their fleet was comprised of 209 rigs, 87 of which were engaged in work-over services. With more than 14,000 employees and over 25% of Russia’s drilling market, BKE is now looking to expand its operations with new clients in new locations. To learn about career options with them, visit or call their Moscow office at 7 495 961 0252.

Deep Industries Limited

Deep Industries was established in 1991 to service drilling operations in India. Since India’s demand for oil has continued to grow, Deep Industries is in prime position for future investment. In fact, the company now employs over 300 personnel who manage a range of long term field contracts. They are also currently working toward expanding their operations into the Middle East and parts of the US. To find out more about careers with them, check out or call at 91-79-2686 2076.

Dolphin Drilling

Dolphin offers a comprehensive range of services for offshore drilling operations. With offices stretching from Scotland to Singapore, the company’s reach now extends all around the world. In truth, their fleet of 8 semi-submersible rigs have been proven effective at a variety of locations around Europe and South America. For recruitment information regarding Dolphin Drilling, try clicking on this link and visiting They can also be reached by phone at 44 1224 411 411.

Evertson Companies

Evertson started in 1974 and quickly made a name for themselves in the Rocky Mountains. With the help of a good reputation, they then expanded across the United States. Today, they are working to extend their reach into several countries located in South America. They currently have 3 rigs contracting in oil rich Venezuela that handle a variety of work-over operations. For additional company information, visit their website at or call them in Nebraska at (308) 235-4871.

John Energy

John Energy supplies the drilling industry with raw manpower and advanced technology. Since they can complete work-over operations to depths of 5,000 meters, John Energy is on its way toward becoming a key player in the sector. They currently have close to 30 rigs in the field providing top quality customer service. For information regarding careers with John, go to their website at or call 91-79-26850132 / 2735 / 2736.

Key Energy

Key Energy has made a name for itself by focusing on its customers’ long term success. As the largest rig-based company in the industry, they offer top quality drilling and workover services. With more than 8,000 employees spread all around the globe, Key is able to supply its clients with unmatched technology and value. To explore competitive career opportunities with Key, start by visiting their website at Their Houston office can also be reached by dialing 713-651-4300.

Martex Well Services

Martex is an independent oil service company that is based out of Marshall, Texas. Over its 30 year history, Martex has been able to build long term relationships with its valuable customers. They also invest heavily in training each of their employees by putting them though an award winning AESC safety program. To contact them for employment information, look on their website at or call them at (903) 938-3574.

Oilfield Innovators

Although founded in 2006, Oilfield Innovators has quickly grown to become a premier pipe handling company in the U.S. Their patent pending “PAL Unit” was designed to lower clients’ costs by increasing overall productivity onsite. The Pal Unit lets them further guarantee that pipe will not be damaged when it is moved from the pipe racks to the rig floor. To contact them, visit their website at or call their corporate headquarters at (337) 233-8201.

Saxon Energy Services

Saxon Energy is an international oil service company that operates in North America, South America, and the Middle East. Their primary mission is to provide drilling and workover rigs for both local and international operations. For more information about the jobs they have available in North America, check out If you would like to speak with a company representative, call their Texas office at (281) 504-9040.

Spartan Offshore Drilling

Spartan is the only private offshore rig service provider that is based in the United States. Because Spartan is privately held, they place great importance on the quality of their customer’s experience. Although they currently operate in the Gulf of Mexico, Spartan will soon be expanding internationally. To view the jobs that Spartan has available, go to Their human resources department can also be phoned by dialing (337) 367-9377.

TEC Well Service

TEC began in 1978 as a company focused on delivering quality customer service. In truth, Ron Shore founded TEC with the idea of operating from the customer’s point of view. With 7 workover rigs offering top notch services, TEC has kept up with some of the larger companies in the industry. To see current jobs openings, go to or call their Texas number at (903) 759-0082.

Tetra Technologies

Tetra Technologies is a growing company that supplies the drilling industry with a variety of vital services. Headquartered in Texas, Tetra has continued to expand and now has central offices located on 5 different continents. Since Tetra is dedicated to serving its wide client base with top notch customer service, they are an excellent choice for work-over operations both in the U.S. and abroad. To learn more about them, go to their webpage at or call them by dialing (281) 367-1983.


TSWS is run by Therral Story and was started by G. F. Story in 1957. Under their leadership, the company has steadily grown by acquiring 3 swab units, 17 trucks, and 24 workover rigs. They pride themselves on the quality of their customer service which is maintained by experienced employees. To find out more about TSWS, check out their website at or call their Arkansas headquarters at (870) 234-3600.

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