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Workplace Connections to Avoid on Social Networking Sites

Updated on October 8, 2015
Avoid "befriending" the boss. The boss is never just one of the guys.
Avoid "befriending" the boss. The boss is never just one of the guys. | Source

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Go Tweet Yourself: 365 Reasons Why Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Other Social Networking Sites Suck

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Social networking for your personal life may be right, but for your professional life it may be wrong

Discovering friendship bonds all around us in the world is natural for the human species. Connections are crafted in school, in the neighborhood, through similar friends and countless other places where like minds come together. There is a special kind of alliance found via the workplace. The rapport is distinctive and evolved from other kinds experienced throughout life.

Friendship attachments formed in high school or with neighbors differ from camaraderie associated with fellow employees. Tons of the social links binding us together come in the form of social networking sites. Picking and choosing the connections made online is a delicate balance when it comes to liaisons with people at work.

Most people admit a connection with one or more fellow coworkers online outside of the office. There is a closeness felt from sharing a cubicle space which naturally spills over to social media. There are an abundance of sites to join where members have a bond began because of a common workplace.

Not a bad thing

This is not a bad thing. In fact, it is perfectly okay and considered a natural progression of friendship in the twenty first century.

Positive interaction in the form of sociable rapport in the workplace is one of the positive aspects of working for a living. In fact, most weeks individuals discover more time is spent with the people at work than loved ones at home.

With so much personal time at the office, it is nice to find affable, approachable and pleasant people to spend it with. The same sentiments typically spill over to free time outside of the office as well. This is where social networking comes into play.

There are tons of sites to join. Who know which ones the boss is looking at?
There are tons of sites to join. Who know which ones the boss is looking at?

The internet breeds freedoms not seen with face to face contact.

Not only do we share friendships face to face, but we also use the internet for exploring new and old ones alike via social networks. There is nothing wrong with finding and making new pals in a variety of places, but there are a number of workplace connections to avoid on social networking sites.

A number of folks admit no eye contact, no body language to read and lack of judgment all contribute to stepping into a situation which has costs dearly.

A delicate balance

It is nice to think the intimate feelings shared with a friend are never made public. This is not always the case for dozens of reasons in this particular set of circumstances. A situation considered private and intimate turns compromising in a matter of moments. Most people who are betrayed admit never seeing it coming.

It is easy to do a lot of things on line which never fly in real life. Things said in the heat of the moment are forever saved. A statement is taken out of context. Words sound derogatory or offensive when it in point of fact they were not are easy ways for things to go sideways. There always seems to be some type of miscommunication at one time or another on these kinds of sites.

Miscues to cronies are typically correctable and a simple sorry gets everyone past a hard spot. This is not the case when it comes to workplace acquaintances. These miscues are not simply made to friends, but to coworkers. A selected few of which were initially believed to be allies, but in fact there intentions are anything but welcoming.

There are certain people or personalities on the job very detrimental to a business or professional life via the web.

Countless folks forget is it is one thing to build pleasant and chummy attachment on these sites with a coworker, but be careful. There is an openness these kinds of sites invite when it comes to personal feelings which are from time to time better left private.

There are particular individuals to avoid when looking for friendship connects with coworkers, through social networks. These are some of the colleagues to just say no to and why.

The Boss

The boss is not the ideal comrade for social networking circles. A boss is too close for comfort when it comes to sharing personal info. This is one person who happens to be so much more than just a coworker who happens to be a friend. Never think of them as just another chum.

Griping about a lousy office, management issues, other coworkers or working conditions are not going to cut it. This is not a good career move in or outside of the office. It is highly likely trust issues develop. Why is this shared on social network, but not in the office? Why is this a concern as a buddy, but not enough to discuss in the role of boss?

There is an enormous possibility for things to go wrong with this particular situation. this is not simply a one way street. There is also a danger to the boss when a subordinate is considered just another pal on Twitter or Facebook. Letting a corporate secret or other security issue slip is something which costs both parties a paycheck.

Griping on line to the boss instead of in the right venue at work destroys trust for some relationships. Be careful of getting to personal about work or home with this person. With the number of taboo subjects better left not discussed, it is best to leave them off of the friendship listing.

Frenemies in the workplace

Keeping enemies closer than friends is not always a good approach for this type of interaction. Enemies or frenemies are better off outside of a personal social networking circle. They can take information back to the office which is better left unsaid.

A professional atmosphere is not a place where nitpicking, sniping or name calling is appropriate. Countless spill overs from these kinds of sites to the workplace are common. Areas of life which are embarrassing or hurtful wind up in the break room from the previous late night chat session.

Frenemies are only real for celebrities. There are either buddies or otherwise for the average worker. Anyone not a buddy falls in the other category and never befriend these kinds of folks.

HR reps

Human Resources or HR is for the office, period. Former pals who are now current are not the same category. Though, the new position comes with new responsibilities to the company. For example, calling in sick to play hooky and sharing it online is a situation which compromises both of friends.

Resist the urge to befriend HR reps on social networks. The alliance is close to the company than fellow coworkers due to the nature of the job.


Persons working under you are not always seeing everything in a positive manner. What is shared with the boss is never the absolute and total truth. This is not an equal relationship in the office or on a site for hanging with friends.

Holding a professional image is important for countless reasons. Accidents happen and avoiding situations where anything is likely to slip up and be said in error is best. There are examples where lives are likely to be shattered by saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. Even a mistake is consequential in certain situations.

There is a possibility to lose credibility via pictures, conversations or other innocent situations. Knowing the hubby is cheating, the kids are delinquents and other embarrassing facts put everyone in a compromising situation. Keep employees and the boss safe by staying away.

In conclusion

It is difficult to resist the urge to jump right in with both feet and link up with fellow coworkers while online. Social networking sites invite all sorts of groups. There are even sites such as LinkedIn which actually promote this type of contact. This is not always a great idea for countless reasons. Many of these motivations are listed here.

Keeping the professional and personal life separated is a terrific idea for countless grounds. Alliance as pals is measured in different levels and different scales. Although social networking is great for building networks and joining up with buddies, there are some people to keep out of this aspect of life.

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