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Workplace Rivalries: Don't Apologize.

Updated on March 5, 2013
Cloudy night in Honolulu.
Cloudy night in Honolulu.

Just because you're better than them...

Photo of the day:

Word of the day:

Oppugnant - opposing

Spanish word of the day:

Competencia - competition

Fact of the day:

In 2011 job competition rose from 8.3 people per job opening to 9 people per opening.

Quote of the day:

"And while the law of competition may be sometimes hard for the individual, it is best for the race, because it ensures the survival of the fittest in every department."

-Andrew Carnegie

Rant of the day:

Today's rant is about competition, which stemmed from an argument I had with a coworker today. Several coworkers, actually. A couple were on my side, and I appreciated that.

We were arguing over how a work tool would be best utilized, and the argument degenerated. It turned into my coworker becoming upset because I come in five minutes early (I don't like to be late, or completely on time... what if there's traffic?) Apparently that extra five minutes gives me an unfair advantage over everyone else, and makes them scramble to get their work done.

Now, I generally consider myself pretty fair in arguments. I can compromise, and take the middle-of-the-road option so everyone is at least somewhat happy, but that five minute comment really pushed my button. Yes, I am ranked highly among my team, but that isn't a bad thing, and I can be on time to work every day if I want to. I can even be a few minutes early. If it bothers him that much, and gives me such an unfair advantage, then my coworker should leave six minutes earlier every day and beat me to the office. It's not that hard.

We all have those things that push our buttons, and we all have personal, and professional, rivalries. Personally, I'd never be competitive with my friends, significant other, or even my coworkers. I'm not a competitive person, and I will always try to build people up, not tear them down. But just because I'm not competitive doesn't mean I'm going to hold myself back to make them feel better. I hope none of you do either. If you're excelling at something, keep doing it. Who cares if it makes someone else unhappy? You deserve to be good at something, and be recognized for that. Don't rub it in anyone's face, but don't ever apologize for being talented, or doing something right.


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