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A Positive Professional Office Makes a Successful Business

Updated on September 10, 2015

A Positive Workplace

A professional workplace demands a positive environment which the owner/manager of a business/company needs to controls no matter how large or small. In a professionally operated office---there is unequivocally no place for an office gossip or someone who ask other employees’ personal questions; especially in front of other employees.

Professional Employees Greet with a Smile.
Professional Employees Greet with a Smile.
Employees who look and act professional are businesses greatest asset.
Employees who look and act professional are businesses greatest asset.

Should an Office Gossip be Ignored?

The owner/manager should take care of this by having a formal meeting with the employee.

Being adamant that employees does his/her duties only and stops talking about other employees or asking personal questions.

The reprimand is then signed by the employee and owner/manager and put in their personnel file.

Just one person can distress the work environment of the entire office. If this person continues being an issue after several reprimands other measures are applicable.

One's employees are the biggest asset to any type of business---and society does judge a business by the employees and customer service they give to the consumer.

This means consumer contact in the business, over the phone or emails sent out by the employees should represent the business in a professional and legal manner.

Therefore, businesses that gave their best customer service to their customers---can expect their future business.

The future of any business/company is the positive environment which emits from the employees and their attitude.

It's the owner/manager duty to oversee that all policies and procedures become executed.

And, all employees are accountable for meeting their deadlines without any overtime.

The Workplace is a Place to Work

The workplace is exactly that—a place to work, whether it is small business or a corporation, a family-owned business, a bank or a Pepsi Plant. There are many procedures to follow and be executed.

It is the business and corporations which are the most successful when the workplace—is where professional attitude and excellent behavior prevails to make it a more harmonious work environment.

Nevertheless, the bottom line is be professional. And, what does being professional mean, you ask?

Professional means:

You are a specialized, trained, skilled, proficient, practiced, certified, and a licensed career person. In other words, when one is businesslike, then one is a properly qualified person in their work environment.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Attitude is revealed by: Feelings, Thought, Way of thinking, Point of view and Way of behaving.

  • Question: Do you have a positive or negative attitude?
  • Answer: One should always have a positive attitude in business—if you are not--- everyone will know it very soon, and that is bad for one’s career.
  • Question: Do you think that your co-workers get noticed first, and you feel left out?
  • Answer: If you really feel this way, talk to the manager/owner and let them know how you feel.
  • Question: Do you speak up in a meeting with a valid point of view and/or make suggestions that are workable?
  • Answer: Think before you speak- if you know the topic of the meeting beforehand—then research it and write down some good questions.
  • Question: Does your facial expressions or body language speak volumes without you saying a word?
  • Question Part 2: Do you frown or roll your eyes, put a hand on your hip when speaking, smile when it is serious, slump in your chair, and look bored.
  • Answer: Listen carefully—you are being watched and mentally evaluated—no office needs a clown, or an unprofessional employee because it reflects badly on the business.

A woman greeter with a smile is a business asset.
A woman greeter with a smile is a business asset.
A clean organized workplace reduces stress and is more productive.
A clean organized workplace reduces stress and is more productive.

Professional Behavior

Professional Behavior Becomes Revealed by: Performance, Conduct, Actions, Deed, and Manners.

  • Question: Do you perform in a pleasing manner to meet deadlines or any office task? Are you pleasant when acquiring the necessary data from others to meet the deadlines or tasks?
  • Answer: Always conduct yourself in a professional manner, because working under stress does not give one the latitude to mistreat others. Remember to practice kindness and courteousness when approaching someone for assistance, everyone works at a different pace.
  • Question: Do you conduct yourself around co-workers the same as you do clients or upper management?
  • Answer: Always show respect to others whether you feel they have earned it or not. In business it the professional conduct of exemplary behavior that excels.
  • Question: Do your accomplishments show that your dedication to the company as a company employee and/or team player?
  • Answer: Remember your actions speak louder than words, and an act of fatuous behavior cannot be deleted in life, like words on a computer. In the workplace you are always on display, use this to your advantage, and show your best professional self.
  • Question: Do you believe that an unintentional deed which produces a negative repercussion stays ignored?
  • Answer: Please remember in business when you cause an error, and when you become aware of it always proclaim it as your misjudgment. Remember the truth is your best friend, and a person becomes known as good as their word. It is soon known in any business whose word to respect as the truth.
  • Question: Do you show characteristics of a providing a hastily contrived solution to a problem?
  • Answer: Remember in business your issues should always be resolved for the long-term solutions.

I have experienced the ups and downs of working in large corporations and small family businesses, and I will gladly state that I prefer working with professional co-workers, management---as well as owners.

My Standards

Yes, I would evaluate each company by what I termed as my standards, and some were lacking in professional conduct . I was aghast that one family owned business did not have a dress code. And, I feel if someone dressed in an unprofessional manner—I cannot help, but conjecture on what kind of work they are doing for that business.

I had the unfortunate experience of working with an unskilled person hired by the owner of a family-owned business. Did I become complacent with sharing work space with someone who lacked skills, who talked rather than worked all day? No, but I told the owner that I would be glad to train this person in office skills.

Then I proceeded to do so, as I believe----when life gives you the unskilled---train them. She became so fascinated with being a receptionist that she became a very good one—and she soon got her first raise. I was proud of her, and she was only 19 years old, and this was her second job, as she was working her way through college.

Remember, your workplace is a stage where your performance is watched, and then word is spread about how well you performed or not. It is up to you to decide what you want in life then go after it with every fiber of being. And, I do not care if you drive a garbage truck be professional and have a good attitude.

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this article and if copied anywhere else on the Internet or printed in magazines or books it was taken without written consent and is strictly prohibited.

© 2012 PurvisBobbi44


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  • PurvisBobbi44 profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago from Florida


    So great to have you visit and comment. You have a great Wednesday.


  • Alecia Murphy profile image

    Alecia Murphy 

    5 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

    Useful tips indeed. I think the workplace is changing and it takes a combination of skills and dedication to get the job done. Just because someone can do the work doesn't mean they are professional and just because someone isn't the best at doing the work means their unprofessional. No one starts off in the workplace being perfect.

    Great hub!

  • PurvisBobbi44 profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Florida

    Hi LauraGT,

    Thank you for the visit.

    Yes, the workplace is changing and for best---if all the owners of large and small businesses realize we must meet the needs of all---especially the workers.

    Thank for your comment.


  • LauraGT profile image


    6 years ago from MA

    Interesting hub. I have actually been chastised for working "too hard" in the office, and not being social enough. I think things have changed in the past few decades: with more flexible work schedules, work and home life have become more intermingled. It's great if you want to work from home, but can make focusing solely on work in the office a bit more of a challenge!

  • PurvisBobbi44 profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Florida


    Thank you for reading my hub and for your comment.

    I initially wrote this for the high school grads and college groups. Hoping this would help the ones just beginning their careers.



  • ChristyWrites profile image

    Christy Birmingham 

    6 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

    I like the question and answer format for the hub. The information will be helpful for anyone who want to improve their work performance.

  • PurvisBobbi44 profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Florida

    Thank you for reading and commenting on my hub.

    Have a great weekend.


  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Very informative and well formatted hub! Voted up!


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