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Worldwide Brands Reviewed

Updated on June 9, 2013

The Problem

This may sound weird to some people but one of my most enjoyable hobbies is selling things online. I love almost every part of it. Building my own eCommerce websites, getting notification emails for sales, conversing with customers, and ultimately seeing satisfied customers at the end of the process. However, one aspect of starting a new online retail business that hasn't always been fun for me is finding reliable suppliers to source products from. I have had too many bad experiences in the past. I've been scammed, lied to, cheated, and as a result, I lost a lot of money and even some valuable customers.

Unfortunately, there are certain people out there that see an upward trend in the crowd of aspiring web entrepreneurs that see and opportunity to take advantage of what they consider unsuspecting newbies. Some will rope you in by telling you how many thousands of dollars you'll make in your first month, some will even advertise products that they don't have with no intention on even filling orders. It's unfortunate that these people exist in the world but thankfully we have solutions out there today to combat situations like these.

The Solution

I've been making money selling items online for over 8 years now - since I was just 15. My number one problem setting out was finding reliable suppliers that I could build a business around for the future. I was scammed on two separate occasions before I even sold my first products online. It wasn't that I was naive or gullible - I was actually quite business and computer-savvy for my age. It was the fact that there were so many scams and illegitimate opportunities out there that I literally did not know where to turn.

The thought of giving up never crossed my mind. As I mentioned above, this is something I enjoy doing and something I had my mind set on. I estimate I spent upwards of 50 hours scouring the Internet looking for the suppliers which ultimately ended up scamming me. During those 50 hours I came across a couple wholesale directories - one of which was Worldwide Brands. I never did like the idea of paying for information that I thought I could get online by myself. I could not have been more wrong.

After reading through some Worldwide Brands reviews I decided to give it a shot. After all, they did offer a 100% money back guarantee if I wasn't satisfied so I could always get my $300 back. Thankfully I never had to take them up on that. Nor have I had to concern myself with finding valuable suppliers since making that purchase almost 8 years ago.

Is it Worth the Money?

As I mentioned above, I was very skeptical of shelling out any amount of cash for a wholesale directory. I never fully understood exactly what I was paying for. Well, I have a much better understanding of that now. Worldwide Brands was established in 1999 by Chris Malta, an internet entrepreneur like myself who saw the challenge faced by businesses trying to source products. He has spent over 14 years now building up what has become the number one wholesale directory available today consisting of more than 8,000 suppliers with access to 8.2 million+ products at wholesale prices.

That's a substantial number of suppliers. However, the true value of this directory lies within the research Worldwide Brands has conducted on these suppliers. They independently verify each and every dropshipper and light bulk wholesaler before adding them to the directory. They have visited the warehouses, shook hands with employees, and even placed test orders to confirm their reliability. Only after this thorough process are suppliers bestowed the honor of being advertised in this directory.

As any Worldwide Brands review will mention, there are many more bonuses. Worldwide Brands members also get lifetime access to their intuitive market research tool that compiles information on millions of different products so you can quickly evaluate the average selling price, market demand, and market competition of certain keywords. I still use this tool today to find profitable product niches - high demand + low market competition = high profits. Worldwide Brands also has a members only forum where you can go to talk to suppliers and other members. You can also ask questions and get help from knowledgeable support staff.

The only regret I have about my purchase of this directory was that I didn't do it sooner to avoid losing the money I did when I tried finding suppliers on my own. I am confident this directory could prove to be an asset to your business for as long as you are in business. It's worth at least checking out their free inside look to see if it's something you think could benefit you. After all, if you aren't happy you can always request a full refund. Oh, and don't forget you can write it off come tax season because it is considered a business expense!


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