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Worrying Is Hard Work

Updated on September 19, 2012

Worry Can Make You Crazy

Got Worries

I am a worrier, how many times have you said or heard that statement? If you are a worrier I an here to tell you about some of the effects that it has on you, mentally, physically and emotionally, and I'm sure you know that if affects those around you.

Have you ever noticed how people will gather around and talk about their ailments, as soon as Becky Sue mentions that her back has been bothering her at nights and how she had to get up in the middle of the night and could not go back to sleep, so her day has been completely messed up, then Tammy Lu starts to talk about how her headaches are getting worse and she thinks she may have cancer of the brain, then Bobby Lee, chimes in that his knees have been giving out on him lately and he hopes he doesn't end up walking with a cane.

One by one each one digs deeper and deeper into the pool of misery, this is especially so when it comes to worrying about things going on at a job, you can be a new person or a perhaps you just received a promotion, you make a mistake and because the boss had a bad day they were not very nice in the way they counseled you, so you began to see yourself out of a job, on the street, begging for food.

you Imagine that your boss thinks you are stupid and unable to do the job, you then go back to work the next day, with your head down and your but tucked in. You are just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Perhaps you are a boss, you have to produce quality of service in monetary compensation on a daily basis and you get a call from the President of the company, asking you how it's going and because he is not having a great day because pressure is being put upon him. So he sounds gruff and ruff, and off you go into the world of doom and gloom.

Sound familar?

Get Real

What happened to Becky Sue? She went and got a deep massage, she is feeling great, turns out that Tammy Lu was drinking too much coffee. Bobby Lee? he just need to lose a few pounds. All of that worrying, going into the dark pit of despair and there is a simple to solution to it all.

The boss that gave you a hard time yesterday calls you into their office, you are tense and ready to be let go. The boss says, "you know yesterday I was really in a bad way, my boss was giving me a hard time, sorry if I was a little tough on you, you really are doing a great job, keep up the good work.

Got the picture? Things are never as bad as they seem, we all have our problems, it's how we react to them that matters. If we think about it in the right frame of mind, then we won't drive ourselves crazy! Instead of taking it personal we can think to ourselves, "looks like so and so is having a bad day" or instead of thinking the worse as far as our health, just ask yourself, what can I do about this.

When we walk around constantly dwelling on our aches and pains, or how someone at work, or home spoke to us,, we are actually causing a strain on our minds and hearts, and we can end up with some serious health problems or if we keep thinking in a negative way, we can cause the very thing we fear to happen! Did you know that you are that powerful? Well you are, and the majority of us have the tendency to think the worse, that's why there is so much unhappiness.

Focus on what you want to happen, not on what you don't want to happen, Go for a walk, take a nap, breathe deeply when you start to worry, talk to someone that will call you out on your negative frame of mind. Get real with yourself, have character.

Don't Worry Be Happy!


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