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Worst Paying Jobs in Australia

Updated on November 26, 2013
Welders do not earn much is Australia
Welders do not earn much is Australia

Being one of the biggest consumerist economies in the world, Australia attracts a lot of job seekers both indigenous and immigrants. Depending on the fact that only a couple of jobs can be created per year, one can safely say that the ‘good’ paying jobs in Australia are not always available but rather ‘moderate’ or even ‘poor’ paying jobs.

The efficiency of workers can be easily determined by the amount of money which they make or earn. This means that other factors constant, a person can work at a particular if the job pays equivalently well. Today, most people work and earn although they hate the jobs they are doing. However, they gain happiness or draw joy when they see the house the live in, the clothes they put on, the schools their children go to and the cars they drive. With this mind, it is safe to say that people or employees first look at the money being offered before taking the particular job, once again, other factors constant.

Therefore, the more the person is paid, the more they will work wholeheartedly.

However, there are other factors which individuals consider when looking for new jobs. Factors are diverse but they can include love for the work, proximity, stress and the amount of time they get to rest or spend with family. Incidentally, the worst paying jobs seem to over look all these factors considering the fact that they are not only stressing, but some require to put in a lot of working hours. They are the most available jobs on the market but their pay is so poor which can account for their availability on the market; people leave as soon as they get the chance to.

The bad paying jobs can moderately be easily got. These range from hair dressers to coffee makers. These are usually available more than the good or better paying jobs. Below is the list of some of the worst paying jobs in Australia.

Waiters earn a little over $41,000 annually. Waiters are classified into those serving food and drinks in hotels, restaurants and clubs. With their work requiring them to be on their feet all day and have to keep their cool even when customers are being a pain in the neck, waiters are some of the worst paid in Australia. However, those working in hotels and restaurants are paid a little bit more than those who work in cafes.

Also earning a little over $41,000 annually, veterinary nurses are also on the list of the worst paid workers in Australia. These are classified into nurses taking care of animals which are on treatment and are at the veterinary residence temporarily. They also help the veterinarians to perform their procedures and operations. Most of these however do not look at the money but rather because they love the animals they take care of. Veterinarians however earn over $55,000 annually in contrast to the nurses.

Similar to waiters are cafe workers. With similar roles to those of waiters and cooks, café workers prepare food, serve drinks and food itself, take orders, clear tables, wash dishes; similar to waiters and waitresses. Café workers earn a little over $39,000 annually. Their work being a mixture of waitressing and cooking, café workers are also some of the worst paid in Australia. However, quite to the contrary, cooks earn over $43,000 annually on average.

Beauty therapists are also some of the worst paid in the Australia economy also earning a little more than $39,000 annually. Beauty therapists have several duties like provide skin analyses, facial therapies, skin-care treatments and body treatments such as massage, among others. To qualify for this job unlike the jobs above, one needs an AQF Certificate II or III. They include electrologists (hair removers) and manicurists.

Pharmacists or Pharmacy sales assistants also land on the list of the worst paid jobs in Australia. These earn a little over #38,000 annually. These accept prescriptions for re-filling and also advise about non-prescription medicines. Landing on this list makes them the lowest paid sales assistants or retail workers in Australia.

Industrial sewing machinists; earning a little over than $38,000 annually, sewing machinists sew and finish garments and soft furnishings like curtains, table cloths, to mention but a few. Whereas their work is hectic, their pay is equally as bad.

Hairdressers; ranging from hair stylists to barbers, hair dressers are also on the list of the worst paid jobs or employees in Australia. Earning a little over $37,500 annually, hair dressers are some of the really badly paid in Australia.

Outdoor adventure guides; it seems directing tourists to historic sites or sites worth seeing is not that good of a job because these earn a little over $38,000 annually. Even though the money is not that good, outdoor adventure guides to me get the best out of their jobs with all the adventure and living on the edge kind of work. However, it does not guarantee a good pay check. These include bungy jump masters, white water rafting guides, outdoor adventure instructors, fishing guides, hunting guides, mountain guides and trekking guides.

Other hospitality workers like doorpersons, luggage porters, glassies and bussers earn a little less than the outdoor adventure guides close to $38,000 annually. It makes sense that they earn so little because they do not do that much anyway but their jobs are usually available, for those looking for jobs desperately anyway.

Fast food cooks; you would think that these get a good sum of money considering the fact that fast food restaurants or cafes get some good amount of money. However, with a salary of $37,705 a year, fast food cooks are the worst paid in Australia. Their poor pay causes me to worry, they prepare food for us yet they get so little, what is the guarantee that what they prepare is good enough for consumption? If you want to flip burgers, fry chicken and make pizza, be warned, you get little dough in your pocket for your work.

Laborers, couriers, and journalists are also some of the worst paid in Australia, shocking, right?

These are always burned with high pressure due to deadlines which have to be met at whatever cost. However, their jobs have a low income growth potential making them some of the worst paying jobs in the country.

Despite these poor figures, there are some jobs which are promising in the future. With the rise of technology, IT and engineering sectors are facing a promising increment which means there will be better jobs available for job seekers.

Some of the jobs which are dying out or whose demand is reducing are travel agents, postmen, and factory workers.

There is a common belief which shared by many that if you earn little, you must either be doing next to nothing or your job does not require a lot of skill; however, this is not particularly true. Hair dressers and beauty therapists require their respective skills to do what they do, waiters work a whole lot more than those who sit in offices and cooks require a certain amount of consistency, something that is not easy to achieve.

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