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Worst Trait of a Manager of People, Non Confrontational

Updated on June 18, 2013

In this life there is no worst trait than a non confrontational individual!

How one lives for any length of time and doesn't have to handle difficult situations is a myth, and quite frankly not humanly possible.

But there are those that try to do it at all cost leaving chaos behind them.

Now don't get me wrong, some battles are more important than others. Lots of them work themselves out with just a little involvement and others aren't worth the effort or exertion.

But no human being living or dead can go through life without having and handling some type of confrontation. I don't mean that it has to be some hair jerking, shouting, drag out fight, either.

Confronting situations don't have to be extreme, drastic or deplorable. But when they are not handled properly and in a timely manner, oh the mess they turn into. So unnecessary!

I mean just handling situations head on and having some resolution that all parties can at least feel as if they didn't lose, is the best policy. Also handling it as quickly as possible, because procrastination in a human drama leads to all kinds of explosive dangers.

But what i have found is even worse is when a person, who is in management and manage people, choosing to avoid handling people issues that arise.

Talk about a nasty situation. Because any non confrontational manager is the worst! Nothing works out for progressive behavior when you have a so called non confrontational manager.

Personally, i don't think they should have the job of managing dogs much less people, if they are not willing to deal with the human element.

Every opportunity of conflict is an opportunity to teach and lead the people you are responsible for, in terms of business and life. I am a firm believer in making every and any situation a chance to give people the tools to better themselves.

Non confrontational managers cause all kinds of other things to fall apart.

An incomplete list

  • no leadership
  • no respect
  • no direction
  • employee abuses, stealing, laziness, bad attitude
  • low morale
  • career stagnation
  • simple things going wrong
  • gossiping and back biting
  • jealousy
  • dissatisfaction with the job and company
  • reputation

Any one in management that supervises, knows that they have to deal with people. They have to deal with all the good and the bad that come along with that position.

They won't make everyone happy and therefore they need only to be fair, as much as possible.

Being non confrontational is the identification of a wuss, a coward, someone who just puts their head in the sand and quits on interacting with humanity.

A so call non confrontational manager leaves it to others to handle issues. They don't take care of business and when they do, they do it to the disadvantage of the business and the people they are managing, and ultimately to themselves!

They end up being taken advantage of in someway, shape and form. Just because they avoid situations that can be ugly. They end up losing great employees! They end up costing the company money!

Trouble is they leave others out to dry, so to speak. You know what the youngsters refer to as 'throwing someone under the bus'.

What to do when you work for a so called non confrontational manager? I scream 'get the h**l out of there', because trust me, the so called 'nice guy, who wants to be everyone's buddy,' soon causes distaste and distrust.

But what if i don't want to leave my job? Or what if i can't just leave?

Traits of a non confrontational boss

  • excuse driven
  • cover up inclination
  • investigative position
  • claims didn't know
  • ignores situations
  • favoritism

Your only recourse is to mention it to your manager, if you haven't already and then go to your manager's boss.


  • go up the chain, your direct report, then upwards
  • check your handbook or Human Resource personnel
  • note everything, paper trail of communications is vital

Believe you me, that is the last thing i try to do. But with a non confrontational manager, i always mention how i feel or observe and then wait, and wait and wait. Only when i have waited,addressed it again and seen no changes in the behavior or environment do i go over my manager's head.

I am not sure if that is the best way to deal with things but once you feel your hands are tied and the continued offenses are causing detrimental feelings. It is necessary!

It aggravates the soul! Period!

P.S. In some environments, confrontation is healthier than others! Especially, before it becomes explosive and harmful.


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    • profile image

      Anil 3 years ago

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    • Celiegirl profile image

      Celiegirl 4 years ago

      Thanks IT Works Inc., i am sure you have lots to handle. Varied management styles are cool but any manager claiming a non confrontational avenue tends to have mine fields planted. Thanks again!

    • IT Works Inc. profile image

      IT Works Inc. 5 years ago from Raleigh, NC

      Being a publisher of grant management software, we deal with all types of people, all of them having very different management styles. That said, I must definitely agree with you and the view you take in this Hub that the non-confrontational management style is not the greatest. Much better, IMHO, to be confrontational when needed, as this can get a better response depending on the situation at hand. Thanks for an awesome hub!