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Would It Be Wise To Start A Bookkeeping Business During These Hard Economic Times?

Updated on October 10, 2014

Hard at work


Would it be wise to start a Bookkeeping business during this economic downfall?

It would all depend on where you live. Economy, market, and your given skill set also will make a difference. If you want to start a book keeping business; then by all means make sure you meet the right people. Start with people you know. Using a referral is a great way to get started. You can also market yourself in what is known as a mobile secretary. I have personally had clients in which I worked for that ranged in several different industries such as Automotive repair, Landscaping, and Real Estate investing. I began working in an office as an assistant for a service writer and meant my landscaping client who was looking for some extra help getting organized and getting invoices sorted out, as at the time his previous secretary had moved out of state. At the time I could only offer my services for a limited time. Around 15-20 hours a week. The arrangement worked out perfectly and in the end he not only brought me another client, but offered me a full time salary position.

Market Yourself

It is not just as simple to print business cards, make a website and wait for the clients to come. You can virtually promote yourself, but if the real world is where you are looking to promote your services based on flexibility, and your own time structure then get out there and talk to people! Socialize, meet, make friends, and be genuine. The best businesses thrive when you have genuine people that care about their work and take pride in their services.

This is not just about making money. This is about providing a service using skills that you have that can potentially be a profitable business. If you only have dollar signs in your eyes and do not wish to help your clients succeed, then you, my friend, will not succeed.

Meeting a New Potential Client

Cyber Advertising

Sign up for websites like to meet like minded people. Go to the social gatherings and make friends.

Advertise your services on a free well known web service such as, or

Go to and grab one of their specials for business card printing. They run specials all the time and you can usually grab between 200-500 well printed cards for less than $25.

Chat with your friends on Facebook and tell them what you are doing. Most people like the idea of helping others. As humans we have a natural curiosity to seek knowledge. So post up those pics of your new business card.

Learn to use Quickbooks


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    • profile image

      online bookkeeping courses 8 years ago

      Good thorough information, always a pleasure to find info that is useful, will be very happy to see more from you in the future

    • profile image

      gpk 8 years ago

      In my humble opinion, it also depends on how you see things.  Some people might say that it would be hard to secure clients during this challenging times. 

      Besides, starting a bookkeeping business is not as easy as what most people think.  Not only that you must have the required bookkeeping skills to complete the assignments competently, you must have the skills to organize and run your own business properly.