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Would You Consider Finding a Job in Ahmedabad?

Updated on August 28, 2014


Know well about Ahmedabad to get yourself a job in the city.
Know well about Ahmedabad to get yourself a job in the city. | Source


One of the major cities in Gujarat and also the largest one in the state, Ahmedabad presents itself as a prominent Indian city. Ahmedabad is a bustling metropolis, which is also the former capital of Gujarat. Be it the climate, historical heritage, or tourist attractions, the city holds much to be identified well. From those belonging to the city to those visiting it as tourists, all are well aware of the wealth it holds.

Ahmedabad does not need much to its introduction as an Indian city, but as a job hub, it does need to represented well before the world. It may not be a prominent tier-I city, but over the years, it has been working well to be in the race of the tier-2 cities creating jobs for the talent pool in the country. In the last few years, the city has grown well in terms of technology, infrastructural development, and job creation. Ahmedabad has been warmly welcoming the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies as well as the ones operating in IT (Information Technology). This has resulting in the creation of new jobs for the graduates looking forward to the other Indian cities. Besides, for the engineers too, the city seems to be holding much.

The Job Sector of Ahmedabad

The first thing to be mentioned in this section has to be the textiles. This Indian city has always been a strong player in the textile sector. From the decades old textile companies to the modern era players, many have been adding to the revenue generated by this sector in Ahmedabad. The first textile mill named the Ahmedabad Spinning and Weaving Company Limited was founded by Ranchhodlal Chhotalal . Later, the other mills including Calico Mills, Bagicha Mills and Arvind Mills came to existence. Following this, many textile mills became operational in the city. Due to this, Ahemadabad was also given the tag of "Manchester of the East". The existence of many textile manufacturers in the city also ensured that most of the jobs belonged to this sector in the past. Besides, Ahemadabad is also one of the largest denim suppliers in the country.

Another major industry, which found its own way to be counted among the job sectors in the city is automotive. Besides the Tata's manufacturing facility set up for the production of Nano, the other players like Ford and Suzuki have also been planning to set up the manufacturing plants.

Besides, the job sector of Ahmedabad does have many modern day jobs that the engineers, financial analysts, marketing & sales professionals look for. The other prominent sectors where you can look for a job in Ahmedabad include FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), IT (Information Technology), and Business Process Outsourcing. Pharmaceutical industry, too is found to be prominent in this Indian city. Many leading players like Zydus Cadila and Torrent Pharmaceuticals are based here. Besides, many small and medium sized companies are operating in this sector.

The job sector of Ahmedabad looks welcoming, especially for the engineers. This can be said due to the existence of many manufacturing plants in the city. Besides, the manufacturing facilities in this Indian city is only going to increase, as a result of which, more jobs can be expected for the engineering professionals seeking jobs. To find these jobs, the most convenient way can be to scroll through the jobs listed at the leading job portals.

See whether you qualify

Look for jobs that you can live up to and qualify for.
Look for jobs that you can live up to and qualify for.

Qualifications that can help you find a job in Ahmedabad

The city 'Ahmeadabad' holds jobs for individuals of different interests and skills. From those willing to work in finance to those planning to be engineers, everyone can go on to find suitable job opportunities in Ahmedabad. To find a job in this Indian city, a minimum of a bachelor's degree would be required. However, the field you have specialized in, will open avenues for you to choose careers. To get started, a bachelor's degree can serve you well. Besides, to make it to the top level positions in the IT companies like Tech Mahindra in Ahmedabad, a master's degree may be asked for. Further, for engineers, the prospects are good. Besides the textile manufacturing units to the automotive manufacturers, the choices are many. Those holding a bachelor's degree in any of the fields can go on to explore many jobs. Besides, for the professionals in sales & marketing, human resource, administrative fields, engineering, retail, the city holds many jobs. You just need to see whether you live up to the skills desired by the jobs being listed by the employer.

Average Remunerations in Ahmedabad

Before you consider finding a job in Ahmedabad, you need to review the average salaries associated to different job roles.
Before you consider finding a job in Ahmedabad, you need to review the average salaries associated to different job roles. | Source

Would you consider taking up a high paying job in Ahmedabad?

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How well can you make in the city?

The job sector of Ahmedabad may not be as competitive as the other major cities, but it still manages to satisfy its workforce. The salaries offered by the jobs in Ahmedabad, too are found to be alluring. To detail it more, data has been compiled using an international pay scale research firm.

Here, we can consider the major positions, for which, more jobs are desired in almost every location. To start with, a PHP developer on an average earns Rs 179,263 per year. Besides, those engaged in software development can expect an annual remuneration of Rs 228,000, whereas the annual pay scale for a software engineer in the city is Rs 279,385 per year. Those operating as business development managers earn more than 387,912 per year. Further, if we consider the job role of a chartered accountant, one can expect to earn Rs 488,878 per year on an average.

A view of IIM Ahmedabad Campus
A view of IIM Ahmedabad Campus | Source

Companies in Ahmedabad

Cadila Healthcare
Torrent Group
Mudra Communications Limited
Adani Power
Symphony Limited
Gujarat Gas Company
Intas Biopharmaceuticals
Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation

This hub includes all the essential details that a person willing to update his/her knowledge base about Ahmedabad would love to read. In this section, the significant facts about this Indian city has been specified. These will help you have a better idea what the city has been in the past era.

  • Textile has always been one of the core businesses of this Indian city.
  • The textile industry has also earned it the title of "Manchester of the East".
  • The Ahmedabad Stock Exchange is the second oldest in the country.
  • It is also rated as the seventh largest metropolitan area in the country, as quoted by Wikipedia.
  • In the year 2010, it was also rated as the fastest-growing city in India by Forbes Magazine.
  • The city is home to many eminent education institutions, one of which is IIM (Indian Institute of Management).
  • The city is also considered the largest supplier of denim in the country.

Know more about the city Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad has always been considered a major city owing to its industrial activity, which gives it second place after Mumbai in the Western India. This industry has remained one of the major sectors creating employment in the city. Besides, the large conglomerates operating in this city make it a job destination. These include Adani Group, Nirma Group, and Arvind Limited. Besides, the city is home to major education institutions too. Some of these are Indian Institute of Management, National Institute of Design, Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad, National Institute of Fashion Technology and the Center for Environmental Planning and Technology.


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