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Would You Win a Talent Competition for Your Job?

Updated on September 28, 2015

If you had to compete to keep your job every day, would you win? HOW would you win? In what way would you communicate your superior value to your organization in a way that left them no choice but to appreciate your supreme contribution to the company? If you are not asking yourself this question – and answering it – on a regular basis, you probably have the wrong perspective about your work.

Many times people talk about their job as if it’s owed them. It’s “their” job as if the position was created specifically for them and only them. That they could not be replaced with relative ease. Here’s the reality check, even in the most competitive market on the planet – the NFL – talent can only get you so far. Everyone is replaceable.

Consider, there was a time when Bret Favre was the Golden Boy in Green Bay. He was all-world all the time, the gunslinger, the guy who put butts in those frigid Lambeau seats. Then he retired … and Green Bay moved on. When Bret came out of retirement, the Packers said, “no thanks, we’re good.” Today they have Aaron Rogers. So, they replaced a Superman with a guy who is, statistically, the best to ever play the game. Everyone is replaceable. And that decision is made on how much they contribute.

Right now, in Indonesia, President Joko Widodo is reeling from choosing a police chief hammered with a corruption charge. To fill that guy’s spot, the police force’s advisory squad is carefully vetting and considering other candidates. Just kidding, no they’re not. They’re actually conducting Star Search to find the right candidate for the job.

A web-based news poll is asking readers: “Who is your Indonesian Police Chief Idol?” According to the site, respondents can select one of five choices to be the next chief. The guy slapped with corruption allegations is one of the choices, but he’s not the one the board hopes you pick.

While it remains unclear how much credence the board will give the online voting – probably not much – each de facto candidate walks away knowing, or at least believing, what his country thinks of him. It’s like being put through an election without volunteering to run. What if that was you? What if your bosses looked at your record on a regular basis and compared that against other likely candidates for your job? How would you fare? Do you know? Well, better find out, because … they are.

Gennady Barsky is a real estate mogul from NYC.


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