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Write Affiliate Marketing Articles for Halloween

Updated on October 8, 2012
marketing halloween articles and ideas is wonderful for anyone interested in working affiliate programs.
marketing halloween articles and ideas is wonderful for anyone interested in working affiliate programs.

writing affiliate marketing articles for any holiday can be beneficial

A stream of passive and affiliate income is essential for writers that want to earn a living freelance writing. One vehicle that is often tapped is producing quality content that surrounds a holiday theme. Whether that theme is the Fourth of July or Father’s Day, most affiliate marketing articles will receive a large amount of focused traffic at least for a big chunk of time each year around and during the holiday time subject matter. The next holiday on the calendar to take advantage of is Halloween. Benefit by writing affiliate marketing articles with content focused on Halloween this year to enhance any writer’s passive income.

This article will outline several ways to take advantage of the Halloween theme and what a writer can do to enhance their affiliate writing income for a terrific passive income stream.

Join affiliate programs

There are a multitude of Halloween associated subjects, such as costumes, which have affiliate programs that can be used to earn extra income for the holiday. Several decent programs are available through CJ or Commission Junction and even the Google Affiliate Network program offers more than a few worth review. Keywords and phrases tied to Halloween should be used when searching for affiliate related programs to join.

Search engine optimization

Keywords and phrases are important for getting content located by search engines. Uncover keywords and phrases that include the holiday theme to build search engine optimized Halloween articles. Be certain to remember long tailed keywords and phrases that work with the holiday subject matter topics and ideas. These will certainly have less competition and reward any writer with a better payout for quality content surrounding Halloween content matter.

Use focusedHalloween keywords and phrases not only for creating terrific articles and posts, but also include these in tags and titles. Search engine optimization is important and getting great content in front of a targeted audience will have a pay back of a terrific payday for the holiday.

Domain names

Purchase Halloween related domain names full of keywords and phrases which are extremely popular not only for readers, but also for resale if this is a piece of income stream currently being used. Sites such as offer a resource for creating domain names that could be worthwhile for a small investment offering a big payday.


Blogging is a wonderful source for getting in on the holiday passive income stream as well as affiliate marketing articles. Create a blog, many of which are free with platforms like WordPress and Blogger. Make certain the blog is peppered with Halloween as the theme. Construct posts that are full of keywords and phrases for the scary holiday. Do not simply throw up a blog without purpose and professionalism. A writer’s credibility is always tied to content. Make a blog full of expertise and authority on the subject matter at hand.

Links to other outside resources are wonderful for blogs around any holiday. These links will assure search engines that the content provided is relevant and not simply crammed with holiday affiliate marketing junk.

These are more than several useful ways to write affiliate articles for marketing Halloween that are useful and wonderful for passive writing income streams.


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    • tamron profile image

      tamron 5 years ago

      Great tips for affiliate marketers on holidays. Holidays should bring more income! Shared