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Write a Great Auction Ad

Updated on December 19, 2016

No matter what the item a great auction ad gets the reader to bid

Writing one includes a title that make the reader stop and place a bid.
Writing one includes a title that make the reader stop and place a bid. | Source

Ebay income is great for sellers. Those people creating ads for the auctions are also cleaning up. Find out how to key up Ebay income on all fronts with this Am

Before stuffs or goods are traded for money they are pushed toward the customer by a great auction ad.

Auction ads are a seller’s market. This means buyers are competing with each other for a single product. When buyers compete, the seller has the power in the relationship.

There are countless advantages to writing in this genre.

What is an auction ad?

Auctions are a place where a competition of purchasing commodities takes place. Contending buyers make a bid for a single product and the winner buys it. As an auction ad writer, the job entails pushing patrons to participate in the bidding process for a particular piece of merchandise. With the right article ingredients, it’s extremely easy to make this happen and get paid for it.

Clients are willing to pay writers to develop content because they are making money in the process. Listings are put together of merchandise and passed on to a professional to create the words needed to make it sell at the highest possible price. Better listings make for better sales for marketing purposes and better money for everyone. The increased income is there for all involved, included the ad writer for the auction.

Before getting started, take a look at a high level review for some of the rewards and downfalls in the area.

Advantages and disadvantages of the niche

Short articles

One of the best and worst things about these is how short these articles are finished. In other words, writing less for the same or more money than comparable work is great. Though, countless writers are not able to measure up when it comes to making a short piece say so much.

Not a lot of sites for the niche

There are not a lot of sites in the niche. Loads of writers write great auction ads for sites like EBay. This is one of the biggest and most well-known. Although there are not an enormous amount of platforms for the industry, having a large number of ads attributed to the same writer is not uncommon.

Limited amount of employers

Working on a limited number of platforms generally means working with a limited amount of clients. Characteristically participants in the niche like EBay have a limited amount of clients employing a small team of writers for a large number of ads.

With a limited amount of employers, having a positive review is extremely important. If an employee (writer) does have a negative reputation this is the kiss of death with a small forum of people to work with. Employment dries up and income is little or none.

Ensure visitors arriving at the advertisement created snap up merchandise offered. There are more than a few things which give readers enough confidence in an ad to dive in and buy.

Regardless of what is peddled, not instilling a certain conviction within an article drives folks away. An influx of trust or faith comes with the successful strategy to make a sell using these techniques.

Merchants selling wares rely on a remarkable auction ad to sell goods. They put a lot of faith in writers to enlist customers to take the dive to purchase their wares.

Not everyone is capable of making this particular type of writing work in their favor. Find out more about the niche and if this is a good fit in certain circumstances. The right writer finds it not only fun and exciting, but very well.

You know the customer has come to buy and you want to make certain they buy from your ad rather than the competitor. Getting them to buy from your ad is getting

There certainly is no perfect formula to get the job done. A combination of several different things makes every attempt more likely to work out well. This is sound advice and reliable when forming words into the right mixture for success.

The title

Writing a great auction ad is comprised of forming a terrific title along with a great description of a piece of merchandise. The writer is responsible for getting customers to purchase. Interesting headlines make readers stop to peruse the content material tied to it.

Those wonderful auction pieces found on sites like EBay begin with an exceptional title. Countless writers admit it is more important than the description. This makes the customer stop at this particular ad versus another one.

Even the best, most descriptive and compelling narrative is never seen attached to a horrible title. One that sucks is a recipe for disaster. This is a sure way to dump readers before they get started.

There is a rule a lot of creators swear by for coming up with a title. It is even known to work with other arrangements outside of the auction ad niche. Make more than one title for each piece of work.

Write ten different titles. After forming ten, pick the best of the bunch. Imagine being in the shoes of a reader. Which one would an individual stop at to look further? Does it push them to want more, such as perusing the description? Finding more than one is okay as well. Usually when this takes place the title from the smaller pool is attached to the work. Whichever one fits best from the lesser group.

For those being really thorough, build up to 50 or 100 and pick the best one in the bunch. Many professionals use this technique to come up with something brilliant to work with.

Repeat the pattern over and over again to make the job easier with each new piece of work. If the client is submitting similar items to the site, keep the short list for wonderful ones to stay on hand for future articles.

The description

One of the best things about an auction ad is targeted traffic is already where they want to be. In other words, anyone coming the way of an article peddling specific types of wares knows they are in the frame of mind to make a purchase. This certainly makes the job of selling easier.

  • Marketing formulas

Marketing techniques are working to some extent, but the important piece is the appeal by way of the title and keeping them with content. This is a technique used to increase readers who want to be potential owners of a piece of merchandise. As the number of offers grows so does the dollars in the clients pocket. This is a plus on a resume and helps with negotiating future work.

  • Get the bid placed

A description is what gets the customer to place the bid. Where the title needs to compel the reader to stop, the description requires a persuasion of a reader to bid. Make certain the narrative commanding enough to make the reader want to bid with each one written. Never settle for being lukewarm. Make it hot.

  • Make the first paragraph pop

Almost everyone will read the first paragraph. Therefore, the first one is the most important piece of the process. This is where a reader’s attention is grabbed with an imagination with an auction ad. Reading this information should have the reader imagining or seeing themselves with the item from the ad. After the first paragraph gets the reader with the item the rest of the ad is simply icing on the cake.

  • Give advantages to buying now

Auction ads are material designed to persuade a reader to place a bid. A good one even goes one step further by making them want to win the bidding process before reading the first paragraph. Include benefits or advantages in the piece as early as possible to let the person confirm this is the one they want.

Not only make them want to buy now, but also want another. The process is never as simple as it sounds. It takes a strong imagination and the right steps in place to move it to fruition. A good one displays it as the answer to their issues, problem or need.

  • Write big in a small space

Remember these are short and sweet. The amount of space for the work needed is extremely small. This class of work needs a writer capable of gaining a proficiency in writing a small grouping of words to successfully say a lot. They must send a message or voice something provocative enough to push a purchase. A simple explanation is not enough.

A simple narrative description alone is sometimes not enough.

Having the right images for auction ads means a lot to the written piece of work

Proficient writers are able to make a great living working with auction ads. It is easy to unload products to potential customers with certain tools on hand. Following some simple tips and techniques aids writers battling to push customers towards a purchase decisions.


Including pics with an item is useful for getting a reader to bid. Photos are wonderful ways to get the reader to see themselves with it and visualizing a few of the benefits described as part of the content. Several studies show more customers bid for auctions ads that include photos than those without.

Make certain these are a help and not a hindrance. Some writers feel better leaving them out completely. More readers admit a pic draws them in on top a good title in some circumstances. In a few difficult situations where a title is ambiguous or no way to make it work in a positive manner, use the picture for the focal point. A not so good title with an excellent photo is the right choice for victory.

There are a number of companies seeking the services of an advertising agency, but there are hundreds of freelance writers building great auction ads to rival their services. The price is right with the freelance community for tons of clients.

There is a skill and panache to sell online advertising and make the appeal needed for win. Using the expertise achieved through other areas of the profession along with new skills and tools is a winning recipe.

In conclusion

Countless clients are located across the web. They are simply waiting for a writer with the professional know-how to craft content capable of selling items to the highest bidder. The pay is great with a number of other advantages attributed to working in the niche.

There are certainly writers good enough to craft an article good enough to sell something. Though, this particular type of freelance writing is not for everyone. Gaining more information before jumping into anything is always a beneficial. Find out if this is a good fit and discover a bold new world of professional writing income. Online advertising is not for everyone, but for the chosen few, it is beautiful.


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    • dhundley93 profile image

      dhundley93 5 years ago

      These were good tips for selecting a title, and where to put the most emphasis in the description.

    • Rob Jundt profile image

      Rob Jundt 5 years ago from Midwest USA

      I would agree that the shorter the copy the better. Get the auction item noticed with a great image and then sell the top benefits. As I was always preached at in journalism school: make the product the star. And with the sheer amount of products being sold in auctions, being the star also means being sold.

    • profile image

      Angel 2 years ago

      Another tip is to cross sell. If you are fortunate enough to have a potential buyer on your ebay listing, you'd like for them to view another listing, right? You can accomplish this by linking other related products within your product description. 1. Upload photos of these products to a high quality image uploading site like 2. Copy & Paste the image codes directly into your product description 3. Make sure the images are correctly linked to other products of yours! Happy cross selling!

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