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Write for SEO: How to Increase Your Web Traffic by Writing Headlines Web Surfers Will Click On

Updated on April 13, 2010

If you market on the web nowadays, it’s not enough to just have good content. While that is the foundation of all SEO content that drives traffic, the importance of the headline can’t be underestimate, for it’s literally the first thing web surfers see. Following are three things to keep in mind when it comes to headlines when you “write for SEO.”

Keep It Simple: Remember, web readers scan web pages; they don’t read them word for word. So your headline has to grab their attention – and quick. Some internet marketing experts say you have about 3 seconds to grab a web surfer’s attention.

This usually means abandoning headlines that are witty, funny, cute – or anything else except direct and to the point. So if you’re writing an article about how to stop a teething baby from crying, for example, don’t’ write a headline like:

Does Your Baby’s Teething Make You Want to Pull Your Own Teeth Out?

While it’s an interesting twist on words, it tells the web surfer diddly about what your article is about. A better headline would simply be

3 Ways to Stop Your Teething Baby from Crying

If you were exhausted from sleep after being up all night with a teething baby, which search engine result would you click on?

When you write for SEO, keep it simple.

Use Keywords in Your Headline: SEO content should have the keywords in the headline to drive the most amount of traffic. While you will get some organic search traffic if you don’t “write for SEO” by keeping keywords in mind, it won’t be nearly as much as you could get if you do use keywords.

Keyword Placement Tip: Place keywords in all titles and subtitles on a given page. This helps search engines determine what the text on a given page is all about. Learn more about where to place keywords in your SEO content to get the most amount of traffic.

Appeal to Universal Needs When You Write for SEO: What are universal needs? Those things we all want, eg, we all want things to be easier, faster, simpler, free, etc. These are known as universal needs.

If you pair a high-traffic keyword phrase with one of these words, it works overtime to generate traffic.

For example, the primary keyword phrase for this article is Write for SEO. Some good alternative titles using “universal needs” words are:

Easily Write for SEO

Free Tutorial on How to Write for SEO

A Simple Outline on How to Write for SEO

A Fast Way to Write for SEO

See what I mean?

If you were interested in learning how to write for SEO, wouldn’t these titles appeal to you and make you want to click through?


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