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Get Paid to Write: 3 of the Best Online Writing Sites for Earning Regular Income

Updated on October 22, 2012
Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

TextBroker, Demand Studios and Constant-Content Reviews

I've decided to put together this piece on credible, scam-free online writing sites where a good number of writers earn a decent income. In all these sites, the money earned is not passive as in hub-pages where you make money by revenue sharing through Google ad-sense and other affiliates.

They are up-front payment sites, where a writer makes money according to the effort they put into a single article and do not retain rights to their work or the ability to make money off of that same work/article once it's surrendered to the client, buyer or site and the money has been paid to the writer. In that sense, you're either selling your writing services to a client or your written articles to a content buyer.

These three are also sites that maintain a decent reputation of reliable payment and generally professional treatment of their writers.

1) Textbroker

It's simple to enter. You just apply and take a test which gives you a rating between 1 and 5. From what I've read on different reviews, most writers start at rating 3 but if they write consistently and well enough, they get to rating 4 pretty quickly (in two weeks or so).

The payment is not as much as demand studios (below) unless you get to rating 5 (which is the professional rating). The ratings 2 and 3 translate to $6.00 to $8.00 an article. I understand that sometimes you can write simple articles in twenty minutes or an hour. It all depends on how much research the article needs. This means that the job can translate to $10.00 dollars an hour or much more depending on the topics you pick and your speed in writing them, whether they require some research or not.

To get to the professional rating 5, a writer must pass a rather demanding proofreading test with a 90% passing grade. If you pass, you can get work to proofread other articles and the pay rate goes up to 5 cents per word, which translates to $25.00 per every 500 word article.

Unfortunately, currently: only writers from the US, UK, Canada and Australia who have English as their first language can apply. There are french and German versions for France and Germany too.

The good thing about Textbroker is that getting in is simple and without complications (if you're from these countries). The work is constant, and you can set your own schedule.

2) Demand Studios

This site produces articles mainly for and other premium publishers. It boasts a prestigious clientele that includes celebrities and offers reliable work and a steady income.

You'll need to submit a resume showing your writing skills or experience, education, and any expertise you may have in any field at all. This could be anything from your business and finance skills to hair and make-up. They explain the process in the writers application page linked above and provide some tips through their blogs.

You'll also need to provide a ''how to'' sample article of 300 words on any area of expertise based on their format, which is the format of articles on Just remember to check the grammar, avoid wordiness and to be clear. They've given several examples of these articles in that first link I've given above.

If accepted, this site has among the best paying rates, between $15.0 and $25.00 per article (estimated to be done in an hour because these are generally short articles). So take the time to do the resume well. Also, if they take you, you can tell pretty quickly if it is a good plan for you or not because they pay quickly (twice a week).

3) Constant-Content

This site has great potential for a lot of earnings depending on how many articles you can sell. However, they have a strict editorial process so you better take time to know their writing guidelines really well. If articles are rejected three times in a row, you can't apply again.

You just need to set up an account and complete your profile. Find out the popular topics or decide on the topics you may want to write about, write articles on these topics. Proofread your work and check it against the Writers Guidelines and the Extended Writers Guidelines provided by the site. Submit the work and set your own price.

When the article is approved by the editors, it is be put up for sale. You get 65% of the money and the site keeps 35%.

Generally, the potential to earn a lot more than the other sites per article is great here. I've seen guys sell articles for $50.00 to $100.00 and more. You just need to pick your topics well.

They also have detailed tutorials for writing and picking topics, so they are great at guiding the writer through the process. You can sell usage rights, unique rights or full rights to the article. Generally, almost all articles will sell, (the site says about 87% of all articles put up for sale in the catalogue will sell at some point). However, if you prefer quick money, you need to pick topics that are currently in demand and that will be snatched up quickly by buyers.

After you have five of your articles accepted by editors, you also get the option of answering queries. Buyers often request articles on specific topics and you can submit to these queries. They tend to be many, but you cannot answer to them before you reach five accepted articles on the site. They pay out your earnings to your pay pal account either bi-weekly or monthly.

A writer may decide to juggle all three sites or concentrate on just one or two. Each one has examples of writers who depend solely on it for their income and writers who juggle it with a few others for decent income. It's up to each writer to decide for himself or herself which way is best for him as a writer in terms of the writing style demanded, the community provided, and their relationship with the editors.


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