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Writing and Selling Articles Online an Uphill Method

Updated on March 13, 2016

Online Writers are Exploited

Writers who write and sell articles with various topics are usually underpaid. The excuse of buyers is that it is too much for an article to be worth 5 dollars per 500 words. They have a point only in as far as articles that are poorly written are concerned. But for writers who write quality articles that make sense and has substantial content a reasonable price should be considered. When an article is bought it is usually posted on the buyers’ website or various Web-hosting sites where they would point to a particular website to generate traffic.

Many times writers who write good articles fall victim to buyers who exploit them. There are a lot of Freelancer sites that allow online job seekers and employers to meet virtually and negotiate their terms. There are employers who would hire writers and lure them to make sample quality articles for a week or two promising to make payments only to make more promises and require more work. There are also employers who after a good writer has made a couple of good articles for the sake of the name of their company, fraudulently fake an evaluation to make an excuse to fire the writer due to a supposed poor performance so they can avoid pay increase for the writer. It is true that there are so many good writers who would do anything regardless of how much is offered just so they could earn. Article buyers are aware of this and for this reason they would usually take advantage of a writers’ weakness.

Generally, it is the writer who is at a disadvantage considering that they have to deliver their work before they are to be paid. There are times that they are required to beat a deadline, submit a work at a particular time requiring them to be online for almost twenty four hours. And if they don’t make it on time they are not to be paid. The point is, however, their article is posted and used for the purpose it was made. Now that is not fair. An article is an intellectual property and it is something that cannot be easily produced. Although there are talented writers who can make an article in less than thirty minutes it does not necessarily mean that they get less just because it is convenient for them to do it. Not all people who are engaged in the business of writing articles knows how to write, which is the reason why writers are being hired for contents and even for business.

Writing Articles and the Time it takes

The art of writing articles requires passion. You cannot be effective if you are required to make ten to twenty articles of 500 words in less than 16 hours. It may seem convenient and simple but it is not. A writer can only accomplish that kind of requirement if there is only one subject or niche for the required articles. If, however, in every 5 articles the topics vary it will almost be impossible for the writer to finish the task assigned unless the writer will not sleep at all. Time is the factor in everything we do and in writing articles it is a primary consideration. A writer can only write good and sensible articles if he or she knows the subject or the topic very well. This means that the writer has to do research before writing anything.

If the writer has mastery over the subject matter it will be convenient for him or her to put words on the paper. A 500 word article can be finished in just less than half an hour. But then again that will depend on the time it takes for the writer to study a particular assigned topic. Research does not just mean reading through a particular subject, it requires that the writer understands and put into heart what he or she is reading to avoid misinterpretations, which commonly results to articles that are flawed.

Consistency in Quality and Readability

There are articles that are being required to be SEO compliant. This is somewhat challenging because the writer needs to make a particular key word appear in every article five to ten times depending on the word count. Sometimes this is where writers have difficulty. Writers are required to make quality content without compromising the SEO characteristics in the article. For this reason it can be concluded that for article buyers to consider the worth of an article they need to understand the challenges in making one Article with quality content. Article buyers demand much but only pay little, so for those who are new in writing articles do remember that what you do is challenging. Do not compromise your reputation by skipping methods to fast track compliance of finishing quotas. Also there is a need to protect yourself from Scammers who intends to steal your masterpiece.

If possible do not rush when you join a particular freelance hosting site. Determine their reputation by checking them out. Make sure that they are also geared towards protecting their freelancers by making sure that employers joining their sites are legitimate and has good reputation. Writing articles are common in today’s business atmosphere. There are quite a lot of writers competing with one another but only a handful does write good articles. So if you are one of them, make each written piece count.

There is no such Thing as Born Writers

The articles being sold may be purchased by other people thereby assuming ownership of the whole of it. However, consider writing online articles as a way of honing your skills in writing, for it may be an uphill challenge but it is an opportunity to make you better. All people can write anything that comes into their minds, but not all people have the ability to organize words and make a written piece comprehensive, useful and entertaining. Some people even have difficulty putting their thoughts in writing.

There are those who are trying hard to write articles but do not have what it takes. This of course is not a hindrance if they intend to be good in writing. Writing may be a gift to others but such gift can and may also be acquired by those who are not gifted with such talent. If one decides to learn how to write all that is needed is to practice writing articles, from 100 words to 500 words to a thousand word article. Reading more often than usual also enriches the mind it enhances the creativity of an individual in organizing thoughts and ideas. The human mind is not limited it can expand its horizons if one is determined to go beyond his or her known limits.


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