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Writing for Success in the Business World

Updated on June 18, 2011

Anyone with a the desire to run a successful business will run across the need to write effective press releases and/or sales letters to help in the marketing of one's business. However, there are far too many professionals that do not seem to comprehend the importance of improving their writing skills.

Customers are constantly judging everything they see, the materials you send out to them are no exception. A poorly written press release or a disorganized sales letter will make you appear amateurish and could be a turnoff for a potential client. However, if you turn out a well-written letter, your potential may be impressed with your ability and be more likely to give you their business.

Here is a few tips for improving your written materials:

Start by analyzing your target market. Ask yourself who are you sending these materials to? What interests them? Being able to answer these questions will be a huge help towards your starting point. While writing, use clear and concise words to describe your product or service, BUT do not write as if your customer can not understand simple concepts. Also, don't incorporate business world lingo that you are familiar with, but the general population doesn't have a clue about.

Next, embrace what makes your business special to the market you're in. For example, if you send a press release to be ran in a business magazine or website, be sure to focus on the business aspect of your services. If you are sending a press release targeted to women, be sure you portray how your company can help women. Be well researched in the market you are trying to reach. If your press release dilly-dallies around, most editors or webmasters won't finish reading it, much less print it.

Thirdly, remember image is everything. You only have a matter of seconds to make a big enough impact on a client to grab their attention. Keep in mind that, like you, customers are hit with junk mail and ads all day long and have grown accustomed to shrugging off the ads. Your sales letter needs to be attractive and informative. An attractive ad will catch their attention, but if you don't have the important information included, your sales pitch has been in vain.

Before sending your press release or sales letter out to your clients, PROOFREAD! Make sure to check your spelling and look for possible grammatical errors. This minor mistakes can reflect poorly upon you and your organization. If at all possible, allow a friend or co-worker to proofread it as well. Two sets of eyes are much more effective than one. The additional help may even provide a different perspective that may can be used to your advantage.

Don't allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the perceived daunting task of writing sales materials. Just keep these few tips in mind when you start and stay focused, your written message will turn out just find. If you ever get the opportunity to take a writing workshop, don't be afraid to do it. Any additional skills you can acquire will never hurt your success.


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