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Writing for work or relaxation is there a difference?

Updated on October 10, 2017
Writing for relaxation
Writing for relaxation

Writing for Work or Relaxation is there a Difference?

Can writing be done limitlessly? When you think of it, do you think of it in the sense that it can be done limitlessly? No matter what it is for, whether it be for work or relaxation do you think that it can be done limitlessly? The question is, What is writing? When and why do you write? If you are a writer you write for work most likely, or for relaxation or pleasure more likely If you write for work you don't usually write a limitless number of things because you don't need to. If you write for relaxation you will most likely write a limitless amount of things just because you are not thinking about it, like you would be when writing for actual work. Can writing be for both work or relaxation?

Writing can be limitless and done limitlessly. It depends on what you are writing I guess, I know that writers probably don’t think of writing as work because it is something that they love to do. So they would find it relaxing. Some people have to write for their job, and sometimes people don’t like that and when they are away from their job they avoid writing altogether. It depends on the type of person you ask, the question too. That question is do you write for work or relaxation? Or do they even write at all? That is why you have to find writers to ask the question too. I know what my answer would be. If I were to ask myself the question does I write for work or relaxation I would say that I write for both. I think writing limitlessly is more of a feeling, though, don't you? Writing for work or relaxation can be done limitlessly because of what you might have to write and how long it takes.

For example writing for work, would be writing because you have to like blogging would be considered work, in my opinion, because I consider blogging a job rather than just a past time. But I write for relaxation too, I write novels for relaxation and most of the time when I do that I can write for hours and not realize it. That is how relaxing writing is for me, I don't even realize I have been doing it for hours. I haven’t gotten any of my novels edited or published but I am still writing them. I even consider my freelance journalism a job. But have you ever heard of writing for relaxation? Doesn’t writing sound like work? If you work in a job where you write most of the day why would you think that writing can be relaxing or going to school and writing all day why would writing be relaxing its work? That is what it is made out to be anyway.

Some people write for work, and the writing that they do is stuff that they are told to do write. That is why it is writing for work. What is writing for relaxation? Writing for relaxation is making your own decisions on what you write, you don’t have to have your writing done at any specific time, and it doesn’t have to be perfect and you can write whatever you want. You aren’t given a topic to write on by someone else, you can choose your topic and write. That is what writing for relaxation is.

Writing for work or relaxation
Writing for work or relaxation

What is writing for work and what is writing for relaxation?

Everyone has their own opinions on what writing for work and relaxation is, especially if you are a writer by profession. If you are a writer by profession most of the time when you write you are writing for work so it is not relaxation since you have a quota of writing to get done in order to get paid. Although if you think of your writing as something you have always wanted to do and you love it, most of the time you aren’t writing for work. When you write, you are writing for relaxation because if it’s something that you love, you don’t think of it as work. Although if you are hired and you have to get something done at a certain time then yes you would think of it as work because you have to get it done for a certain time, but even still if you are passionate about writing it just flows out of you and it doesn’t feel like work at all am I right? Writing for people who enjoy it, and I mean really enjoy it is relaxing. At least that is what it feels like to me, and I treat some of the writing that I do as a job and other writing I do as relaxation but in the end, it all feels like it is relaxation to me, because it comes so easy. Again it depends on the person you are talking to. Is there a difference? That is the bigger question.

Writing for work or relaxation can be limitless in terms of flow and how much writing can be done. Do you write for work or relaxation or both? What do you like about writing for both and what don't you like about writing for both? If you do either.

When I write for work, I schedule out hours during the day and work for them, right now when I am working I edit at least four pieces in a day and if I don't do that I feel as though I haven't worked. When I write for relaxation I don't have a set number of pages or lines that I do I just write until I get bored of it, however, both feel limitless to me because it is something that I love to do. Which in my mind is the best way to work or relax if you love what you do it feels like relaxation all the time and not work which is great? If you have to write for work and you don't enjoy it most of the time it feels limitlessly annoying and you can't wait to finish am I right? If you enjoy writing you will do it for either in limitless amounts and always be thinking about it.

However, there is a difference depending on if you enjoy it or not because if you don't enjoy it feels like work, and if you do enjoy it won't. but that depends on the type of person you are.

Writing for work in a relaxing area is kind of the same thing right?
Writing for work in a relaxing area is kind of the same thing right?

Writing for work and relaxation can be limitless

Can writing for work or relaxation be limitless? Is there a difference between the two and why would there be if there is?

If you are writer do you write for pleasure as well as work and how is there a difference? Let's Discuss

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