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Writing on iWriter - Tips to Raise Your Rating and Make Money

Updated on March 10, 2012

Writing for iWriter

iWriter is an up and growing writing site that allows writers to write articles for requesters that post on almost every topic imaginable. There are some great things about this website and some not so great things. I have been writing for them for about three months and I find that it is a great place to generate some decent pocket money. I am sure if I had more time to dedicate to this writing site I could crank out more content and bring in more than the $50-$75 a week I am making. Here is some of the things I've learned about iWriter.

You have to earn your rating

iWriter gets a lot of criticism for this, but I honestly found that it didn't take me long to rise up the ranks through their rating system. Unlike some writing sites, iWriter ranks its writers through reviews of the individuals who request the articles the writer creates. There are three levels of writers. One star is where everyone starts regardless of how much experience you have as a writer or the quality of your writing. This alone tends to ruffle the feathers of veteran and experienced writers, but that's the rules and if you want to write for iWriter you have to use their ranking system. Two stars or a Premium writer happens after you have five ratings and a favorable score. This is relatively easy to achieve. Three stars is reserved for Elite writers who maintain an overall rating of 4.6 or more.

Sometimes the star rating system stinks

Most of the requesters on iWriter are fair. I would go so far as to say more than 80% of them are very fair. The one downside of the rating system as it exists is that you can get a terrible 1 out of 5 star rating on an article that produced everything the requester had in their special instructions. You wrote a 3% keyword density article, used the required keywords, had good grammar and because the requester didn't like it (or for whatever reason) they either reject the article or give you an unfair 1 star. It doesn't happen often, but it truly destroys your rating. I have found however, that if you write to the iWriter staff, they will look into the matter. If you have a well established rating with lots of articles with good ratings they will fix this problem and change the one star so it doesn't destroy your overall rating.

The pay is good if you can produce a lot of content

Once you have two stars or three stars as s Premium or Elite writer you can easily earn decent money writing. The articles range in price from $1.00 to up to $20 (for 700 or 1000 words). The key is to write quality and rise up in ranks so that you can write to the better paying articles. The problem most writers have with this site is they feel it is still too low for their standards. This very well may be for a well established writer who has lots of writing gigs. However, for a lot of people, this writing site offers a real way to write for money and earn it quickly! You earn 81% of the asking price if you you write from the requesting pool and 86% of the asking price when you are special requested (which will be explained in a minute). On average as a Premium Writer I am making about $50 to $100 with very little energy spent to write. I write the content that interests me and for requesters that have good ratings.

You can get a following.

If you write well the people requesting articles will eventually ask you to write for them exclusively. This means you are special requested and the articles are for your eyes only. These are great because you have a few days to write for a requester you know likes your work and is fair. This starts to happen quite a bit after a few weeks. Write well and you will find that article requesters will seek you out!

They pay regularly and if there is no feedback

You need to have a PayPal account, but iWriter never misses a payment. You have options for how you are paid as well. They are reputable and make sure your payment is in your account when they say it will be. If you write an article and you are not paid or rated in three days the iWriter staff will automatically forward the payment to you. This is great because you never have to worry that someone will request an article and then leave it out there in space for weeks to get paid.

You can rate your requester too.

You have to be fair as well, but if you wrote a great article, followed directions and got a bad rating you can warn other writers. You can also let other writers know that the requester takes a long time to read/rate and pay. The majority of writers for a requester write fairly. This is a great way to determine who is a good requester to writer for.

One note of advise on choosing who you write for...

I find that if I pick requesters that are established with an approval rating of at least 75%, I get a fair rating. The one downside of iWriter is that occasionally you will get a deadbeat who pops onto the site, requests an article or two, then rejects them all mysteriously. Article stealing is possible, but the individual will soon be off iWriter or the writers will write this in the reviews to warn other writers. Try to work with individuals who appear to rate their article requests fairly to make sure your rating is a true representation of your abilities.


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    • profile image

      Dave 2 years ago

      Hi there Gioia,

      I'm guessing by now you already are an Elite writer.

      I'm coming up too, but currently at the Premium level. Honestly, it's quiet challenging scaling up the ranks at this stage since most of the requesters are pretty damning, are either new or can't exactly point out what they want you to pen down from their special instructions.

      I think the higher up you rank the more impact a negative rating has on your reputation. Rising through standard level is not the big issue really; getting to elite level however is. I've noticed that iWriter kind of uses the average rating for the last 10 articles you've written to pin your overall.

      About warning other writers, iWriter no longer allows writers to review a client who's just rejected their piece. They know that you'd naturally try to squeeze the life out of their inconsiderate souls given the chance, and hence block us writers from reviewing them.

      Afterall, they've got to run their business. Show me a for-profit business that doesn't favor clients over suppliers. Unfair? yes, but happens.

      What I appreciate though, is iWriter's effort to "look into" a complaint if you think a bad rating was uncalled for with your previous record speaking out for you.

      Thanks for the tips Gioia. I wonder how you are currently doing on iWriter.


    • profile image

      david. 2 years ago

      Hi am David. I have a problem with writing.most of my articles have been

      rejected.please advise me, how to make

      more approvable articles.please. Thanks in advance.

    • profile image

      alex 3 years ago

      Nice tips. I have written for Iwriter for more than 1 year ( on and off because i have other sites I work for). Iwriter isn't such a nice site because they want me to reach 4.1 instead of 4.0 in order to be a premium writer. I mean, even though am not a perfect writer, isn't it fair for them to allow the natural ranking system to place me where I am supposed to be? Anyway, do you have suggestions for sites I can work for. I have worked with Writersdomain, Thecontentauthority, Thehoth, articleteller, hirewriters, gratcontentUK and wordgiggs. if you could hook me with a working account i will be eternally grateful. Most of the article writing sites don't accept writers living outside the US, which has made me work as a sub-contractor on many of the above sites. I could really do with an account that earns me 100% of the pay.

    • Amanda Roddy profile image

      Amanda Roddy 5 years ago

      I made premium writer in less than three months. It took longer because I work for other sites. I see more requesters with higher rating lately. They should bring back negative reviews . It would also be better if they allowed revisions considering the low pay.

    • Relationshipc profile image

      Kari 5 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      Now, if you give a negative rating for a requester, the rating doesn't actually appear on their review list. This is a bad thing for writers because they can't see the 'why' of the rejections - and all they see are the good and positive reviews. It's not fair (or decent really) since the requester can still give the writer a poor review and say what they want. Also I have had a person reject my article and then use it. Found out a few weeks later on copyscape. That's the downside of the process...but other than that, if you are a good writer with good research skills, you can make some pretty decent money.

    • wetnosedogs profile image

      wetnosedogs 5 years ago from Alabama

      just ordered the writing online book. This looks like a "must have" book for me.

      Appreciate the tips of writing on iwriter.

      Great hub.