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Direct Mail Advertising- Writing the Response Device

Updated on July 29, 2014
Reverse Of The Direct Mail Envelope With The Offer
Reverse Of The Direct Mail Envelope With The Offer | Source
You Can Boost Response Rates With A Well Written Response Device
You Can Boost Response Rates With A Well Written Response Device | Source

Writing the Response Device for Vista Levolor Blinds

This is the copy for the response device that went along with a Vista Levolor direct mail pack. Notice that the headline above the fill in form is in quotes - a tried and tested technique to increase response rates. And it's benefit oriented. Also notice the way this response device puts the whole thing in a nutshell and acts like a mini ad.

The response device is in the format of a 4-flap leaflet. The cover flap features the visual of Venice with its gondolas and the headline reads: Vista Levolor invites you to be part of the Venetian Dream Scheme. (Recommend your way to Venice and more!)

Flap 2 builds on the charms of the main offer - Venice and summarizes what the architect must do in order to win. The crosshead reads:

Venice- the most beautiful of cities

There is no other city on earth like Venice. Rivers and canals for streets; boats and gondolas for cars; majestic colourfully reflected palaces for houses, perfectly preserved in their lagoon setting. Built on 118 islands, Venice si completely surrounded by water. And like a Canaletto painting, unchanged by time, this fairy tale city is full of wonderful sights to see. Here's how you could be there!

The second crosshead reads: Recommend your way to Venice!

Here are the steps that will bring you closer to your goal:

  • Mail the completed card to reach us before September 24, 1994.
  • We will then send you a booklet of Recommendation Coupons.
  • Each time you recommend Vista Levolor to a client, write his name and address on a Recommendation Coupon and send it to us.
  • Vista Levolor's dealer will follow up on your client and give him a full demonstration of Vista Levolor's blinds, drapery rods and false ceilings.
  • And as the clients you recommend place orders with us, you'll get closer to Venice and all the other exciting prizes!

Next there is a chart with all the prize details and the corresponding value of sales required. For instance, to get a chance to win the grand prize the architect will need to generate a certain amount of sales value.

The Reply Card itself bears the headline: "Creating new masterpieces and holidaying in Venice! What more reason do I need to recommend Vista Levolor to my clients?

Please enroll me in the Venetian Dream Scheme and send me my Recommendation Coupons."

This is followed by the details to be filled in.

Tips For Writing A Great Response Device -Direct Mail Advertising
Tips For Writing A Great Response Device -Direct Mail Advertising

Tips on the Response Device

As this example of a Response Device shows, writing copy for this most important element in a mailing is an art in itself. It requires that the copywriter summarize the whole mailing in a nutshell and reiterate the benefits and call to action.

The letter and the brochure in a direct mail pack lead the reader on to the response device. Therefore, all these elements must have synergy.

© 2014 Anita Saran


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