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Wrongly Disciplined in the Work Place

Updated on February 22, 2011

Many businesses have disciplinary procedures in place and the rules are fair and consistent but in some instances employees are wrongly accused or wrongly disciplined for something that is not their fault. Here are some tips to prevent this situation or at least help your case when disciplinary action is taken.

Record Everything
By this I mean, write everything down or make notes, these will not only “cover your back” so to speak but you will have a written log of whatever the situation may be. An example of this would be if you were being spoken to disrespectfully by a senior member of staff and you thought that if you say anything they might say you were lying or try to get you into trouble, make a log of any emails sent, write down what is said to you with dates and times and if any witnesses were present.

Look through your contract or company hand book and read through the disciplinary procedures, grievance procedures and any other policy which is relevant to your situation. Ensure that you are familiar with each procedure so that you get no nasty surprises.

If you receive a letter inviting you to a disciplinary hearing, double check that your employers have given you at least 48 hours notice to attend as this is deemed fair and will give you enough time to prepare your case. If your employer has evidence which will be presented to you in the disciplinary hearing then make sure that this evidence is attached to the letter so that you again have time to prepare for your case. If no evidence is with your letter but you are presented with evidence in the hearing you have a right to adjourn the meeting for a reasonable time so that you can take copies and look through this. If you have any evidence yourself backing up your innocence then take this with to strengthen your case. You are able to be accompanied by a fellow employee or union representative.

After your disciplinary hearing, you should receive a letter via post with the outcome of the hearing and details of how to appeal and who to appeal to. Your employers should give you 7 days to appeal the decision so you need to write down your points for why you are appealing the decision made and then another meeting will be arranged by your employers.

Stay confident

If you have sufficient evidence that you are innocent and are being wrongly disciplined, stay confident in your position. Believe in yourself and fight your case.

Too many employers now are getting away with disciplining wrongly and the employees are losing their jobs for no reason. It’s so important that the rules and regulations are adhered by so that these situations are avoided at all costs. I hope this information proves useful to you and that it helps in the future if needed.

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    • profile image

      Amanda Winchester 

      7 years ago

      I had an instance where documentation of events helped me defend myself, but I still lost my job. Is there more to it? I find that the problem is HR departments still want to verify your story with someone else, but what if that someone else doesn't remember, or worse, lies?


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