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XaaS Cloud Computing | What is XaaS ?

Updated on May 29, 2012

What is XaaS ?

Cloud Computing is flaring high and getting diversified in numerous ways each year. XaaS is a thus evolved new concept in cloud computing that sum up all of there service diversification happening in cloud computing. All of the major player like IBM, Google, AWS, and Windows have found it very easy to list out their services under XaaS. What is XaaS ? It's the acronym of Everything - as - a Service, it can be mentioned as any service that is offered by a cloud vendor for a customer. For those who are familiar with cloud computing, previously the services were mainly classified to few categories like Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (Saaecently, these services got expanded into so many others like Desktop as a Service, Database as a Service, Marketing as a Service etc. and finally the term XaaS was used to bring all these under one label. The letter ‘X’ at the beggining could be used to represent any service that is provided.

Hybrid Cloud Computing and XaaS - The Perfect Match

Hybird clouds have recently started to gain more popularity due to it’s power to mix both public and private cloud to give the best user experience. XaaS services are of highest demand in Hybrid cloud architecture because of their modularized nature of service.

Most Popular XaaS | Everything as as Services Offerings

Still SaaS ( Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS ( Infrastructure as a Service) remain as the most relevant and widely used services. I’ve already explained about them in my previous articles. Now lets look at some new interesting XaaS that are gaining popularity.

Desktop as a Service : The new Desktop as a Services is a common sight today. You get a virtualized desktop environment direct from the cloud with all the necessary softwares pre-installed.

Marketing as a Service : This service is used today as one of the most effective revenue channels for companies that rely on selling products to make money. They can outsource the entire marketing job to the Marketing as a Service and define every target details including the demography and geography of their advertisements. Marketing as a Service is one of the most popular among the XaaS.

Database as a Service : The DaaS provides user with easy and scalable access to the database for configuring the back-end of their application. It also removes the heavy load of manually setting up a database, that too of limited storage.

IT as a Service : IT as a Service is a very critical emerging XaaS that has several underlying layers of services tied up together to run a business that depends a lot on IT. Information Technology has transformed a lot and now IT as a Service enables great support to run your business from anywhere Imagine that all board members of your enterprise can meet up at any time through the devices in their hands via Mobile as a Service. This makes the entire business process a whole lot simpler.
Some of the core providers of XaaS on the cloud id HP Adaptive Enterprise, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and IBM On Demand. IBM recently released their concept of Federated cloud computing, that could suppliment XaaS (Everything as a Service) to the best quality levels.


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