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Xomba is a good website to make money with

Updated on January 26, 2011


I joined Xomba a long time time ago, and never used the account. I returned back to Xomba and decided to give it a try, and I am very pleased that I did. Xomba is a very good website to write for. First off all Xomba is a website that is similar to Hubpages in a way. You simply publish articles to Xomba, or submit bookmarks, and then you make money via Adsense. Now a lot of people reading this is probably wondering exactly how much money can be made with Xomba?

Well, in my short experience with Xomba, there is a decent amount of cash to be made at Xomba. Signing up for an account with Xomba is easy to do, and using the website is very easy to do, and publishing articles and submitting bookmarks is even easier to do. Another cool thing about writing articles for Xomba is that the word count is short. The word count minimum was at 50 words for book marks and around 150 words for articles, but that has increased. Bookmarks need to be 100 words now, and articles need to be at least 200 words. These are short word count requirements, and submitting articles and bookmarks to Xomba is ridiculously easy to do.

Xomba also has a referral program, so when people refer other people to join Xomba then they can have the chance of earning even more money with the website. Xomba is an active community, and Xomba gives great tips to people who are looking to earn money on the website. I also find that Xomba is user-friendly for beginners, and you probably will not feel overwhelmed with everything that Xomba has to offer. So whether you have a lot of writing experience, or no writing experience, join Xomba because it is a great website with very good income potential.


The conclusion I simple, just join Xomba, give it a shot. Write at least an article or two a day for Xomba, as well as submitting one or two bookmarks a day. If you continue to do this then you should start to see your earnings go up just by using Xomba. Give the website a try as soon as you can.


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    • kephrira profile image

      kephrira 6 years ago from Birmingham

      I've used xomba and it is ok. The only thing I found is article on their rank well (almost) instantly, but then fall down the rankings and it is hard to build up a lot of traffic or get pages staying near the top. But it is definitely good to write for alongside hubpages.

    • jeanie.stecher profile image

      jeanie.stecher 6 years ago from Seattle

      I have to try it. =)