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Updated on November 22, 2008

What can be done to stop these unscrupulous lurkers on the Net?

My next few Blogs will be covering all that is being unleashed on the net to us the unsuspecting and innocent public.

With the rising cost of living many people have to tighten their belts and are looking for ways to augment their income. These are genuine people wanting to give their Families the same level of living they enjoyed before the massive rise in the cost of living, some maybe have no option as they may possibly have been retrenched.

However what can be done about the people who are lurking all over the net promising riches beyond anyone’s dreams, as in the “scamsters” the MLM companies, list sellers, free Training offered and the ebooks being sold.

You the MLM companies, the training offered and the ebooks being sold are next in my Blogs of criticism. Watch out!

Although not technically correct English “Scamsters or slime balls” that I term them preying on the genuine, gullible and unsuspecting public.

The emails come in many guises such as what I have listed below and there are more but too many to mention here, the list is endless.

Your paypal account needs confirmation! Never would paypal send an email like this.

There seems to be problems with your bank account please make contact with us!

I am so and so from such and such bank and xyz died 5 years ago and these funds remain unclaimed. XYZ has the same name as yours. Please make contact!

I am so and so dying of cancer and have a vast fortune and nobody to leave it to. Please make contact, as I would like to make a difference in your life!

My brother and I need your help. My father was president of such and such African country and knowing that he would be killed drew all our funds out of the bank and where have it in a safety deposit box hidden in our home. (This one I followed up on.)

These people have all this money but you cant see the currency,

as it is blacked out. What they require you to do is send money for the purchase of a special ink/liquid, which will then “ restore the notes into legible USD”

Unsuspecting people send money to purchase the liquid and surprise of surprises never here from them again!

You receive an email stating that your email address has won first price in such and such a lottery, you have won USD 1,500,000.00. To collect your winnings please send in all your details and you will receive your winnings.

I myself am a sceptic and now matter how much I have supposedly won would I fall for something like this but sad to say many people are really gullible and desperate so hence go along.

I decided to open a hotmail account and play along with one of these “Scamsters” to see how they operated.

How they seem to work is that once contact is made you are then asked to send a sizeable amount to them to cover the costs of receiving your winnings (Really). I said to this particular person why should I send money just take the costs of what I am due from my winnings.

Ha Ha next I got back an email with laws stating it is prohibited to do this and that the Costs must be paid separately first.

Anyway to cut a long story short with much backwards and forwards of emails they gradually reduced the supposed regulatory amount. I ask you?

What horrifies me is that many people believe this and do all sorts of things to actually raise the money to be able to get their supposed winnings.

Cruel and horrific that the genuine suffer in the hands of these people who are too lazy to get off their hmmmLmem00and go out and do a decent days work.

Some of these people are there just to make a fee from you and others are out to steal your identity.

The FBI and their equivalent in most countries have a section trying to trace these people but due to the fact that they are so slimy and slippery most do not get apprehended sad to say.

I feel that these perpetrators should be locked up for life and further given hard labour.

If any of you readers have info that you would like to give me please contact me or make a comment below.





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    • diana1000 profile image

      Diana Harvey 9 years ago from Philippines

      Hi NDBEES,

      I hear what you are saying and agree with you but there are people around that maybe are not as worldwide as you or I.

      They are desperate with bills piling around them kids to feed and school and the wow they see a video of yachts,mansions etc. and think that there is a pot at the end of all their doom and gloom.

      This is what makes me so mad and then what happens they are plunged even deeper into debt and at the same time lose all their friends.

      Thank you and take care Di

    • NDBEES profile image

      NDBEES 9 years ago from DEVON

      If you send me 2,000 pounds, I will be able to leave a comment. On a serious note though, ignorance isn't a plea in court, neither should it be in life. There have been plenty of warnings and stories told about such people. Greed has made people fall foul of these unscrupulous fraudsters.

    • profile image

      Diana 9 years ago


      Thank you your advice has been invaluable and much appreciated.

      I immediately went to the scam site and wow bingo found one that I was feeling dubious about.

      Thank you Diana

    • alexes profile image

      alexes 9 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      Diana this is a very well done hub that I am hoping many people will read! The fact is there have been con artists off line since, well since forever! Online, there are a few ways that a person can "defend" themselves against these predetors.

      1. If you recieve an email like some that you have described, there is a wonderful resource that we use on BlogNet Awards - . It is by no means perfect, but will help

      2. If you are unsure of an internet marketing program, then I would suggest that people go to it is a fantastic resource for everyone. I have been using them for a very long time now, to help our members when they question this program or that.

      At Success BlogNet ( we have created a spammers gallery, to warn of the IP's that we have had to deal with. We are sharing these IP's with everyone, so that people can be warned and set their spam filters accordingly.

      I guess in the long run it is a matter of educating people on how to protect themselves on the net and I am sorry to say so many don't, they have the attitude of...It cant happen to me, well it can and it does.

      Keep up the good work is good to see you and I know many others who are doing their bit to make the net a safer place to be.

      My Best Regards to you


      Administrative Director

      BlogNet Awards