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Yahoo Directory, Bing, and the Yahoo Search – Real World SEO

Updated on March 26, 2010

Is a Listing in the Yahoo Directory "Worth it"

While not a “Case Study”… this can lend some insights into Yahoo Ranking (Until Bing finally takes over).

I have a site I registered in 2000, it’s in an extremely competitive Travel Niche, one that is dominated by the Big Players like Expedia, Trip Advisor, and Yahoo Travel itself. I have made almost no effort to back link to this site in more than 5 years. It’s essentially just one of those sites sitting in my portfolio. I have put less than 20 hours into the site in the past year. The only reason I put any effort into it at all is I switched it from html to WordPress. The site is in the 150 page range. And yes it does make money every single day with Adsense and Affiliate sales.

I am currently Ranking #2 in Yahoo Search directly beneath Yahoo Travel for my targeted keyword phrase (3 Words). I do not rank in the first 50 results of Google for this phrase.

Exact Phrase Search Volume in Google: Results 1 - 10 of about 222,000

On page 500 of Google search results there are 2 sites with higher page rank than mine that include the exact phrase. This is not really important (just shows it’s competitive), but I also throw it out there for those who are mistakenly Page Rank obsessed. In case you didn’t notice Page Rank in and of itself has little bearing on ranking. Expedia is the number 1 listing with a PR of 6, Trip Advisor is on the first page with a PR of 3.

My Keyword does NOT include the Phrase in the Title for Yahoo results because Yahoo is pulling the Title From the Yahoo Directory not from the site itself.

  • 61% of the Traffic of my Traffic comes from Yahoo
  • 10% from Google

The remaining traffic comes from other sources. Google long tail seems to always deliver whereas if you are not listed high on the first page of Yahoo you can expect little traffic.

FYI: Even though there is heavy search volume for this keyword phrase, the actual traffic generated by the number 2 listing in Yahoo is under 1,000 visitors per month! And Bing? What about Bing?  Bing delivers very little traffic.

What this shows is it is very possible to rank much higher in Yahoo than your competition by being included in the Yahoo Directory (Again this will likely change once Bing takes over), but focusing on Yahoo is not a good strategy. And it’s probably not worth the extra expenditure for the Yahoo Directory. Why do I do it? Because I’m grandfathered in… for now.

Good luck.

Yahoo Directory Search

Finding the Yahoo Directory Search
Finding the Yahoo Directory Search


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  • WebMag profile image

    WebMag 8 years ago

    Inbound link from YDIR have positive effect on rankings in Google also. It is a high quality, editorial directory after all.

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 8 years ago from United States

    Mike, a very interesting hub.