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Yak Natural Friday: Mielle Organics

Updated on August 7, 2016

So far my natural hair sisters seem to be in love with the natural touch Mielle Organics is bringing to their natural hair. It's defiantly about giving the girls what they want and so far Mielle Organics is winning!

I was searching through my recent reviews due to my lac of knowledge of Mielle Organics products and I found and interesting review which states: "I've been using an array of "natural" products since I began my natural journey about 8 months ago. From the day of my BC, I've been purchasing product after product. My 4C hair has been disappointed in most of them and partially satisfied with a few... Until I purchased Mielle Organics line. I cannot emphasize how soft, moisturized, and healthy my hair is. Pictures would do no justice! This is something to see in person. I got rid of ALL other products. I only use this line and I recommend it to anyone, with any hair type! In the Harsh winter of Korea as a US Soldier, my hair is deeply moisturized with Mielle Organics products. Thanks for this unbelievable product line!!! #love!" I thought this review was very interesting because I have 4c hair as well and after a co-wash my hair seems to be in knots. I DO NOT! like rough handling my hair because my hair is precious to me, and not to mention I've been waiting forever to grow my back hair since my "BIG CHOP".



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