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Yes, It's Me in the Women's Jeans Section!

Updated on August 29, 2013
Rock Revival Jeans
Rock Revival Jeans | Source

Special Preface for My Father

Dad, if at some point you're reading this, I want you to know that I'm doing just fine, and I'm still married to the love of my life. I'm not going through a middle-aged crisis, trying to develop an extracurricular social life in the women's jeans section of a thrift store, and--no!--all those times you looked at me funny if I happened to spend more than five minutes watching my sisters play with their dolls did not create any repressed urges that are now unfolding in a clothing fetish. I assure you that the only thing coming out of my closet is Kona, the cat, after I've accidentally locked him in there.

Dad! can exhale now!

Top 5 Images are of Rock Revival Debbie Boot Cut Jeans
Top 5 Images are of Rock Revival Debbie Boot Cut Jeans | Source
Bottom 5 Images are of Rock Revival Stephanie Cut Jeans
Bottom 5 Images are of Rock Revival Stephanie Cut Jeans

I'm Developing New Niches, Not Itches!

In December of last year, I set some major goals for myself. One of them was:

  • I resolve to continue building my eBay business in 2013.

So if you people are wondering what in the world a husky Hawaiian man is doing smack dab in the middle of Levi Strauss, Seven, Liz Claiborne, Wrangler, Lucky, and other brand name jeans, it's simple: I'm exploring a brand new niche.

Really, I am!

Okay, I admit I sound a bit defensive, so I need to tone it down a bit. It's just that I'm honestly still a bit unsettled and, okay, paranoid about who might be looking at me funny.

I don't know why it is, but whenever I go to the local Goodwill Store, it's common to see women browsing through the men's section, but I never see men looking through the women's section. (Unless the men do the stealth thing during the hours when the store is least frequented by shoppers. Whenever that might be, I have no clue...because whenever I'm, as of recently, anyway, doing my thing with the women's jeans, there's always a ton of people.

And, frankly, I see some rather large men with crew cuts that I think might just be watching me from over the tops of books or from behind the Coke machine or adjacent to the jewelry case...and immediately my mind goes, "Mm-hmm...undercover cop watching the unsub perv!"

It's unnerving, I tell you.

But bottom line, and an eBay seller is always concerned about the bottom line, is that this niche--and listen carefully, all you eBay newbies and veterans alike--can be very profitable!

I do a lot of eBay-related research. One of my absolutely favorite places to find great reference advice for finding thrift store treasures is YouTube.

While looking for new material in a recent search, I came across a young man who looked like he might still be in high school who had done a series of videos about treasure-hunting at thrift stores and yard sales.

One of the things he was showcasing was a set of women's jeans he'd recently found and had listed. He was claiming to be selling these Lucky brand jeans for $60 a shot.

I thought to myself, if this young kid could do it, I most certainly should give it a whirl!

So, I did what any red-blooded American man in my situation would do.

I begged my wife to come do it with me. Nope, she said, we already have storage lockers full of stuff we haven't even listed yet, and now you wanna try something else?

She's not a mean person, but that wasn't the answer I was hoping for.

The next day, while she was at work, I went to the thrift store. Holding my head up high...okay, I'm lying...hanging my head and trying to look casually inconspicuous (which, by the way, is as successful as my fat cat, Kona, walking into a Rhode Island Red chicken coop), I gingerly moseyed on over to the women's section. I looked no one in the eye and did my best to pretend that I had every business being there.

I fail at acting. That's one thing I know about myself.

I went through four racks of women's jeans. The only brand name that I was tempted to purchase was Lucky Brand Dungarees. But I hadn't done enough research and easily talked myself out of it.

Finally, I gave up and headed back towards the non-clothing side of the store.

Near the cashiers was this area where the female employees were putting new stuff--things like purses and shoes and--yes!--women's jeans.

I happened to be at the right spot at the right moment. Even in my awkward, clumsy approach to all of this, the Law of Attraction does work!

An employee casually placed two pairs of jeans onto the clothes rack. I quickly walked over and looked at the brand name.

Rock Revival.

Never heard of it. But the price tag caught my eye!


Now, listen carefully, aspiring eBay moguls! Goodwill is a thrift store. If you have a Goodwill Store in your community, or something similar, like Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, Value Village, even Ross, remember this: When they mark a price up that is unusually high for that store (Goodwill's usual range is anywhere from 99 cents to $6.99 these days), it's a huge hint that someone in the back of the store has done some research and determined that the commodity in question is a high ticket item.

I tried to look up Rock Revival jeans on my iPhone, but the reception was really bad inside of the store.

So I quickly left the store and did another search while standing on the sidewalk. The numbers astounded me!

I went back into the store, and without batting an eye, grabbed both Rock Revival jeans up and tossed them on the cashier's counter.

With tax, I paid $43.54 for both pairs.

The Strategy and the Results

With a bit of insecurity and uncertainty nagging at me, I decided to throw caution to the wind and do what no other seller of these jeans was currently doing.

I listed each pair of jeans in separate auctions with a starting bid of a penny!

Each auction was scheduled to run 5 days.

The auctions ended last night.

I'm purposefully not going to tell you what the final bids were because I want you to search for yourselves. In so doing, you may want to look at what other sellers are currently doing, or how the completed items have done and what they're selling for. I'm choosing to do this because I'm urging you to learn for yourselves and not just take what I say at face value.

What I am going to share with you are the respective eBay item numbers for the two listings I posted. Keep this caveat in mind--eBay saves the completed items information for only 90 days. Yesterday's ending date was February 18, 2013. If you happen to come upon this article after May 19, you will no longer be able to see the results. If that happens to be the case, please feel free to inquire in the comments section of this hub, and I will most definitely give you the information you're looking for.

The Rock Revival eBay item numbers are, respectively--

  • 360593079012
  • 360593099743


So the next time you're in a thrift store in your particular neighborhood, check out the lone dude rifling through women's jeans.

Chances are, he's got an eBay hustle going on.

What are YOU gonna do about it? Well, dive right in! Don't let him hog all the good stuff!


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  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    5 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    @KoffeeKlatch Gals

    I take chances in life and come away from these experiments (LOL!) feeling a little bit more liberated, even if sillier. It helps me stay open to the wide spectrum of human experience as well as, in a crazy sort of way, enhances my writing. eBay and HubPages are thus great forums for me to have fun in while still maintaining a facade of adult seriousness. The day I finally grow up, you see, is the day I stop living life to its fullest. There's too much to discover and so little time to do it! Thanks for stopping by to have a moment of fun with me! Aloha, my friend!


  • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

    Susan Hazelton 

    5 years ago from Sunny Florida

    You've made me laugh. I love the intro - the note to Dad. What a great hub. Love reading about your ebay related adventures.

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    5 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    @Crystal Tatum

    I've blown the penny auction start once...and that was the Spiderman Bobble Head fiasco I wrote a hub about a few months ago. But when Goodwill prices something at $19.99, it's noteworthy to an eBay seller. After doing the research, I knew these jeans would appeal to a lot of women. It was touch and go at first, but overall, the homework I did made the transaction less of a gamble and more of a marketing strategy. Congratulations on your recent pair of sales! I'm always happy to hear about others' successes, and I heartily welcome you to share news of your progress with me from time to time. Thanks, Crystal!

  • Crystal Tatum profile image

    Crystal Tatum 

    5 years ago from Georgia

    This gave me a chuckle...good for you! I just sold two items on ebay myself. It was my first go and I'm planning to do more, but so far I'm just selling used items or new items that I've never used. I can't believe you started at a penny! That was brave.

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    5 years ago from Southeast Washington state


    Good morning, Jim!

    A cursory review of Mossimo on eBay suggests that it is a good jeans but won't do well for an eBay seller's bottom line. In a personal email, I'm sending you a link that will hopefully give you a much better idea what brand names are doing well. Thanks for loyally following my hubs, Jim. I always look forward to your personable and uplifting comments, and I appreciate every opportunity to answer all your questions about eBay. Have a great weekend!


  • xstatic profile image

    Jim Higgins 

    5 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

    Went throught about 200 pair of women's jeans last week at a Goodwill. saw some Mossimo (is that good?). Bought a nice Jerzees sweatshirt for myself though...$4.50.

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    5 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    Hi, Rajan! Thank you for your visit and comments. Actually, my friend, I more often than not stumble upon these opportunities, leading me to believe that there's something providential going on. I've since gone through the racks in this very same thrift store only to come up empty-handed. (And I always feel a bit sheepish being the only man doing this...) Time like these, I wish I had an official "I Write for HubPages" press card adhered to the chest area of my shirt or sweater. LOL!

  • rajan jolly profile image

    Rajan Singh Jolly 

    5 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

    Joe, you certainly know which side the bread is buttered. Lol!

    On a serious note, great job and thanks for this tip about the value of a high mark up price in a thrift store.

    Thanks, my friend. Voted up and interesting.

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    5 years ago from Southeast Washington state


    I know nothing about women's apparel, but I do know a little bit abou pricing. If Goodwill wanted to charge that much, there must've been something special about these jeans. Played out my hunch, and it paid off. I was really fortunate that time, but it takes other factors, I'm sure. Still, I thought it'd be interesting for others to see that if I could do it, they could, too. Thank you, WND...and I'm glad we have a little break before the next challenge. : )

  • wetnosedogs profile image


    5 years ago from Alabama


    Well, I learned something new. I didn't know Goodwill and others priced high because of competitiveness. That is interesting. No wonder you wanted to go for the gold!

    This is a great hub to scrunch away on in the challenge. You have done real well and you really deserve a break.

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    5 years ago from Southeast Washington state


    You're speaking my language, girl! LOL! Yep, you're absolutely correct about the thrill of the hunt. We men have this thing where we just gotta look a little cool, right? (Women are more honest about their mission objectives.) Anyway, I have to--no kidding!--slow my breathing down and try to look as nonchalant as possible. Pretty soon, this town being relatively small, I start picking out the other eBay sellers...and, sure enough, the other men are putting on their "Oh, I'm just meandering around waiting for my wife...she's the fanatical one in the family. I'm above this Goodwill scene, but I just gotta be here since I'm the driver..." You know what I'm talking about, Heather. : ) Truth be told, we men are just as excited about being in that store as you women are.

    That's why when my wife and I both go to one of these places, I book 180 degrees away from her because my vibe is a little bit different. Invariably, she'll come hunt me down and ask my opinion on something, but I don't know what it is about us men...that's one scene I need all the personal space I can possibly get. If I could take a stab at the reason(s), it may have something to do with how men and women are wired.

    Oops, I didn't mean to write an entire hub here. Ha-ha! I better quit while I'm somewhat ahead. Great going on those nurse clogs, by the way!

  • Mommymay profile image

    Heather May 

    5 years ago from Ohio

    LOVE IT! I am totally going to look for these jeans next time I am at the thrift! My last big ticket was a pair of nurses clogs...paid $3.99 sold for over $40. From one Ebayer to another...which "hustle" is more fun...the "I found something awesome" dance or the "I sold it for big money" dance.....I think that the hunt is half of the fun of Ebay as you so honestly share in your hubs. You never know where an Ebay expedition will take you or where you may end up!!! Great advice and happy womenswear shopping...

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    5 years ago from Southeast Washington state


    Yeah, Jim, that was great fun! As I mentioned in the article, I did penny auctions with these. However, what helped was having 100% feedback with over 6000 unique buyers. Someone just starting out can start the bidding at the amount they paid at the thrift store and do just as well, with less risk, when the auction was over. I really should add a YouTube video about selling jeans to this article. Once again, thank you for stopping by and joining in the fun with this.

  • xstatic profile image

    Jim Higgins 

    5 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

    Amazing! I saw those prices and am impressed!

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    5 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    @Hawaiian Scribe

    I'm telling you, Stephanie, I'm having lots of fun with the eBay thing. My wife is working diligently as well on her own account when she's not working at the hospital. What I wanted to emphasize with you was that YouTube (and you probably already know this) is a mother lode of useful eBay information. The thought just came to mind that I probably should upload a video about selling jeans to my hub. The one thing I can't figure out, Stephanie, is why the original owner(s) of those jeans got rid of them in the first place. Oh, well, like they say, one woman's trash is Hawaiian Odysseus' treasure. Ha-ha! Have a good one, Stephanie!

  • Hawaiian Scribe profile image

    Stephanie Launiu 

    5 years ago from Hawai'i

    Wow, I'm impressed with your eBay panache and ability to scope out a trend. I looked up your Rock Revival auctions and they closed out at $56 and $61. Congratulations! Another wonderfully interesting hub. Voted up, interesting, useful, tweeted and pinned. Aloha, Stephanie

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    5 years ago from Southeast Washington state


    Thanks for gracing this fun hub with your presence this morning! Yes, I admit that I can't bypass the women's jeans section anymore. Guess I'll just have to develop thicker skin and put up with the strange looks. LOL! All the while going "CHA-CHING!" in my head!

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    5 years ago from Southeast Washington state


    Your delightful comments are greatly appreciated! I am so honored that you dropped by to participate in this fun eBay adventure. Yes, you just never know if you'll see a 60-year-old Hawaiian man in an aloha shirt busily rifling through the women's apparel section of your local area. LOL! Have a wonderful day, sen.sush23! Thank you!

  • torrilynn profile image


    5 years ago

    Yet again, a very interesting hub. I enjoyed reading and find your addiction to eBay to be quite fascinating. Voted up

  • sen.sush23 profile image


    5 years ago from Kolkata, India

    Just the right mix of business sense and optimism! Hilariously invigorating ideas and though I am miles away and beyond the sea too, but who can say I will not find you browsing women's apparel in the flea markets of Goa or Bombay?! :)

    Voted up!

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    5 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    @Karen Hellier

    Thank you both for the vote of support. Just finished #7 and will take a short break before creating the next three. Oh, my word! I need a long walk tomorrow to unwind, that's for sure! Heck, I might even start walking at one second after midnight. Then again...NOT! :)

  • Karen Hellier profile image

    Karen Hellier 

    5 years ago from Georgia

    Aw come on, you're going to make us do the work? No fun...LOL. But you know my next stop on the information superhighway is to look up those numbers on Ebay. Another well done Hub my friend...and you still have hours to go before you sleep...because I am hoping you will be working on your last few hubs in our 10 hub challenge right up until the clock strikes midnight?!!! Wetnosedogs and I know you can do it!

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    5 years ago from Southeast Washington state


    Wow, Donna! You came upon this hub quickly! I'm impressed! : ) Thank you for joining in the fun. I'm such a procrastinator that I waited until the final day of a Ten Hubs in Ten Days Challenge to write the last six. I don't work off outlines, so the mind is switched over to automatic pilot and whatever happens, happens. Ha ha! Fun, but oh so stressful! Have a great rest of the week, Donna!

  • donnah75 profile image

    Donna Hilbrandt 

    5 years ago from Upstate New York

    Great advice and hilarious! I am often at goodwill costume shopping for drama. I will have to do a bit of treasure hunting next time :) voted up


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