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Another way to create an income online

Updated on August 27, 2014
Look for more from me.
Look for more from me.

The Types

In this article I am going to write about more ways you can make money online and my success in doing so. I have recently received three checks, they range from as little as a few bucks a week to as much as three hundred or more a week. The key do creating a solid income online is to generate great content, I have a few e books that might help you to better understand content and creating great content. So if for some reason you feel you don't have a product and would like to create one these e books could help. Enough about that though, products can come from anywhere and can be easily made as well.

The simplest way to stress my point is to look at it like this, there is always a demand for something think about all the things you need, because if you need it chances are so does a lot of other people, I found that information products are the best because people always need information. This is a product that will never go down or out. So look at what you know,things you are good at and create products from that.

If you already know or are good at these things then there is not much work to be done. With a little bit of research and some key points as well as a few good key words for search engine optimization, as well as a few other tools I will write about in my next post in a few hours will help you drive major traffic to your information products, you will however need some way to distribute your product so read my next article for ways to distribute your information products.

Like I have mentioned in a few of my articles in the past here is a list of some good ways to create income online:

  • Affiliate Programs (Google has a good one but you must sign up to adsense first).
  • Direct Sales (Creating and online web store or building your own are great ways to do this).
  • Auctions (e bay is a great online auction site for selling products directly or through auctions).
  • Creation a blog or website (this is where being a publisher with different ad networks such as Google adsense and bidvertiser come into play by posting ads on your website and in your blogs you get paid for the clicks from the advertiser).
  • Selling ad space (for website owners and blog owners selling ad space to advertiser is a great way to create a good income).
  • Survey's (there are many of these that pay just for filling out surveys a good program for that is inbox dollars look for a link in my next article to sign up for this program).
  • Referral Programs (almost every site now days have some kind of referral program which pays for your referrals it may not be much but you get paid per referral and then if your referrals refer people you get paid for their referrals as well and it continues).

there are many more but I only listed a few I will go into more details in my next few article post so please check back often for the post. Each post that I write will be titled for the type of program that they are about and it will give you more detail.

All of these programs I am a part of and a few more and using only one or just a few of these can generate an income but as always you need more then just the program you need time and patience as well. Some of these programs require a small investment but most of them are free. I do not recommend investing any money into a program that is suppose to help you make money but then again if you need the proper tools I can help with that. I will be selling some of the tools as well as giving some of them away for free. Contact me for more information about these tools and to learn more about product marketing.

Digital Products

Getting Digital Product

As some of you might already know there are a few ways to get digital products. These ways include but are not limited to purchasing digital resell rights for products you plan to download.


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    • Mary Merriment profile image

      Mary Merriment 5 years ago from Boise area, Idaho

      Thank you for your ideas and tips for earning income online.