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Yoga Affiliate Program For New and Experienced Affiliates

Updated on July 6, 2010

I wanted to introduce a yoga affiliate program for affiliates having trouble earning monthly residual checks. Many times those new to affiliate marketing seem to find that the hardest part is finding the affiliate marketing program they feel the most confident to promote. When choosing the right program, you will have the best luck finding a product that caters to a demographic that is passionate about the niche the affiliate product is related to. But so many affiliate products and programs available are just junk, and with thousands of affiliate opportunities out there, both good and bad, it's hard to find which ones are going to be the best.

Through my own successes, I've found that when I am confident that a product will benefit the buyer, I can promote and sell just about anything. Any product I come across that I don't believe works or that I'm not sure I can put my name on I try to steer clear of.

One program I'd like to introduce to both new and experienced affiliates is a yoga affiliate marketing program in the health niche geared to towards both men and women. Yoga Body Naturals has a very rewarding payment structure for affiliates and it's worth making an effort to promote.

This yoga affiliate program will attract potential customers from many health related niches
This yoga affiliate program will attract potential customers from many health related niches

Why Yoga Affiliate Program: YogaBody

There are a few criteria I'm always on the look out for. Here are some of the features I like about this yoga affiliate program

  • 25% commissions on both physical and digital products
  • 1 year tracking cookies
  • 2-tier earnings
  • Deep links available for use by affiliates
  • Detailed affiliate reporting information
  • Video's for affiliates needing more detailed instruction on how to promote
  • No website needed to become an affiliate
  • Payment through Paypal

Are you convinced yet that this yoga affiliate program will help you increase and diversify your affiliate marketing efforts? Follow this link and look at the bottom of the YogaBody website to sign up for the YogaBody Affiliate Program

The Yoga Body Naturals Product

When I first found YogaBody affiliate program I researched into the reviews around the web about Yoga Body Naturals and about the yoga affiliate program itself. They are worth the time of all affiliates to move towards the top of your top affiliates products to promote list.

YogaBody Naturals promotes their Brand to potential customers as having amazing products and learning materials for those interested in flexibility, strength, toning muscles, etc. They cater to many health niche markets besides just yoga. Dance and Weight training niche's can benefit from promoting this product.

They sell nutrients, strength training equipment, learning materials, and much more for not just Yoga enthusiasts but anyone who wants to attain a better body. For affiliates that question if their products are worth promoting, YogaBody shouldn't just be seen as another Yoga affiliate marketing program. They sell directly to Yoga Studio's and Health Niche Stores all around the United States.

Earn 25% commissions on every sale. Both physical and digital products available to promote. Best Yoga affiliate program available.
Earn 25% commissions on every sale. Both physical and digital products available to promote. Best Yoga affiliate program available.

Recurring Income Potential

When I was able to replace my day job income with my passive affiliate income, I started to consider myself to be a successful affiliate marketer. I've prided myself in finding the best affiliate programs based upon both the quality of the products they sell and the opportunity for earnings by affiliates like me. Although I believe I may have an upper hand on how to promote affiliate products with 2 1/2+ years experience, I'm really confident that this yoga affiliate program is one that doesn't have a tough learning curve for affiliates of all experience levels

  • One of this yoga affiliate program benefits that YogaBody Naturals has going for it is the recurring earnings potential. It's been proven that when a person makes a purchase from an online store and is satisfied with the product, they will come back over and over.
  • They also use 1 year cookies. When a potential customer follows your link, even if they don't buy on the first visit, you could still see the commission off their sale for up to a year since they first clicked on your link.

YogaBody Naturals isn't just digital products. They also sell physical products such as supplements, Yogaseeds, Yoga equipment, and more. These are all products that people interested in achieving better health are looking to try and put to use. Many of these products such as the supplements are products that people will want to keep buying month after month. While with every affiliate program, you will not have every buyer keep buying, it only takes a handful of repeat buyers to make a significant impact on your monthly earnings. Ready to get started? Sign up today to become a YogaBody affiliate.


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    • ChuckHuckaby profile image

      ChuckHuckaby 7 years ago from USA

      I'm not personally interested in promoting a Yoga product per se, but the idea of a two tier affiliate program is interesting if you can equip/motivate (or just luck out) and get some highly producing affiliates who sign up under you. The idea of marketing affiliate products through article marketing without a website is very appealing to me as well.

    • FeliciaM profile image

      FeliciaM 7 years ago from Canada

      Thanks for this helpful info. Something I want to do in the not so distant future.

    • mailxpress profile image

      Michelle Cesare 7 years ago from New York


      You obviously understand how to earn money online promoting products. Exercise products, health and fitness are shoe ins when it comes to receiving traffic. Thousands of people do searches on health and fitness. Way to go.