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You Just Cannot Fix Stupid-My Rant

Updated on January 30, 2013

Oh Lord, Do I Have To Deal With Such #$%^&$#@! People !!!!!

Good evening everyone and how was your day? Fine and lovely, I hope. Well, today I am feeling particularly viperish. Yes viperish to the point of being utterly venomous. If I could bite, someone would go into a neurotoxic fit and die!

Well, I was expecting my package from Lord & Taylor. It was three cashmere lined leather gloves. Okay, I placed this order over the internet on December 11, 2011. It is now December 20, 2011. I figured that internet orders usually do not take this long. I contacted Lord& Taylor via telephone and gave them my order number. Well, the customer service representative informed me that my package was delivered via UPS on December 13, 2011 at 5:10 p.m.! Of course, I was in total shock because I obviously did not receive the package.

I informed the customer service representative of that fact. Then the customer service representative then told me that the package was signed by a "Robinson". I was totally flabbergasted. I screamed at the customer service representative,asserting that I did not know such a person. After my conversation with the customer service representative, I immediatedly contacted UPS to give them a piece of my mind.

The supervisor in charge informed me that an investigation would be done regarding this matter. I was so nonplussed at this point. How can a thinking, intelligent, and logical person have someone else sign for a package without leaving any type of notification. Is this person a special education case? Has a modicum amount of judgement been discarded? Apparently so!

According to UPS rules and standards, when a UPS delivery person has someone else sign for another's person's package, the name of the person who signed the package in addition to their apartment number is left on the notification. To reiterate, nothing of the kind was left on my door. Nothing at all! I was so completely incensed! I further suggested to the supervisor that this person was an utter incompetent who clearly do not deserve this job. However, the supervisor said nothing, defending the said or shall I say sad employee.

This is not the first time UPS did this. About a year ago, UPS left my package with another person whose full name obviously was different from mine. Can people read? How hard it is to decifer a person's name? Delivering mail is not rocket science. Come on people, let us get with the program here.

An important part of doing a job correctly is to read adequately and use some type of logical judgement. This is so simple. There is simply no excuse to commit mindless errors regarding elementary things such as delivering mail, packages, and parcels. Now, isn't there. Well, for some people, things can be quite onerous and difficult.

Oh I omitted one important thing which is a commonplace occurrence with the UPS delivery people. Each time a package is delivered, they ask me to sign. Then I ask if it is addressed to me and who it is from! This is because they often give you the wrong package! Oh no, do not do that! When I ask such a question, the UPS delivery person just look askance at me, stating that he has no idea whose package it is and where it is from at all! He states that he only delivers the package and the other is not his concern! Well, I have to look and read the package carefully before I sign and accept! How is that for professionalism and competency?

Then, there are people who love to take an eternity to provide you with the service that you requested. One afternoon at 3:00 p.m., there was flooding in my bathroom. I called the maintenance department, requesting that someone immediately fix the leakage. What happened you asked? I repeatedly call the office but was given the lame excuse to "have patience and wait". Meanwhile, my bathroom was raining, not leaking. Then the "illustrous" maintenance person arrived at 7:30 p.m. that night and fixed the leak. What happened to expeditious service? It has completely vanished as belonging to another era.

I remember ordering a book regarding Yucatan Cooking on the internet. I figured that this cuisine was healthful and new so why not try it! Well, I received my order. Surprise! Surprise! When I opened my package, there was a book on Caribbean cooking. Can people placing the order read? Negative to the milnillionth degree! The title and the author of both books were different! Someone must have been totally inebriated that day!

I decided to return the book on Caribbean cooking to the company, strongly asserting that I wanted the book on Yucatan cooking. Lo and behold, I finally received the book that I requested! How wonderful! Of course, people-even the best- make mistakes once in a while but some people just do not read and think, making careless mistakes which costs time and money!

Then there is the ever faithful USPS. These people have a habit of either losing and/or not delivering my packages and parcels. I related that a couple of summers ago, I ordered some books from a book compamy in Connecticut. Their orders usually take one week at least to be delivered. Well, it was two weeks and I became suspicious. Then the post office left a notice at my door to pick up the parcel.

Of course, I was home that day. No one bothered to ring the bell. Well, I contacted the post office customer center to have my package redelivered. However, it was not redelivered in said time. I again contacted the post office and the clerk informed me that the package was not there. I was totally aghast- what did she mean the package was not "there". She just mindlessly repeated this.

I was totally at a loss! I, of course, contacted the supervisor who told me to call her back later; she abruptly cut me off by loudly banging the telephone. I then contacted the post office complaint board, reporting what happened to me. The customer service representative stated that she was sad for my loss.

I subsequently contacted the station manager who informed that maybe I was having my "senior moments" and inadvertently missed the package. I became incensed and offered her a few very succinct choice words. She immediately banged the telephone, telling me that she would pary for me! What nerve!

There was a constant tug of battle with these people. Then one day, one of the postal clerks informed me that the package was returned to sender. Yes, just like that! I then contacted the company who eventually sent me my books.

This is not the only time that USPS demonstrated their usual ineptitude. This past summer, I mailed a check to an instructional company for some DVDs. This company usually send their deliveries within two weeks. Well, it was three weeks and I did not receive my package. I contacted the company who informed me that they never received my mail. I then contacted the post office who indicated that probably the letter was "lost." Okay, I decided to let the situation slide. I contacted the bank to put a stoppage on my check. Lo and behold, the check was returned to me four weeks later, stamped "undeliverable address" although the address was the correct mailing address.

In November this year, I again mailed a check to this company. Four weeks past and I did not receive anything. So I contacted the company again. They relayed that they never received my check. I contacted the post office and the clerk stated that "things happen" and " the shredding machine ate the mail". I, of course, complained to the post office board. Nothing was done to remedy the situation- they just defended the incompetency of the post office staff, stating that due to the overload of mail, things sometimes get lost-sorry! Let us get real here, mail do not get lost twice in a row!

I am not finished with USPS yet. One crisp Saturday morning in April of this year, I heard a loud ringing at my door. I rushed to the door and the mailperson handed me a parcel and immediately left. However, there was one thing wrong. The mailperson delivered the parcel to the wrong apartment. It was addressed to a neighbor at another apartment at the end of the hallway. I just walked to the neighbor and handed her the parcel. This mailperson obviously was challenged in the reading department.

It is so simple to deliver mail and parcels to the correct address. No rocket science is involved here. What these delivery people do not realize or rather do not care to realize that mistakes such as these cost a lot of time and money to rectify. Let us hope that such service to the public became better in the future because it simply cannot become worse than it actually is- acutely abysmal!


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