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Friendly, Professional Interactions

Updated on March 7, 2012
It doesn't cost much to say hello!
It doesn't cost much to say hello! | Source

A letter to Rude Public Servants


the social security worker who answered my call this evening 5 minutes before you were due to go home,

the insurance agent who spoke to me on the telephone yesterday just before lunch,

the desk clerk who sold me the pretty baby doll for my daughter’s birthday and didn’t even bother to smile.

You made me feel like I didn’t matter. Like I was a problem that you wished would just go away.

Well I have news for you.



I have feelings just like you!

I get hungry just like you do. I have worth.

I am not a social security number or a name at the end of a telephone. I am a mother of two little girls who is trying to pay her bills and keep her house and cook her dinner. Some days you on the other end of the telephone are the only other adult that I talk to from morning until night time! You can make a difference in my life or in the lives of the others that you meet every day. or you can make them feel like terrible. A kind word doesn’t cost anything.

So the next time you pick up the phone or deal with a member of the public try to be a little bit friendly to the person you are dealing with. You may just make a difference in their lives. All it takes is a friendly hello into the telephone. Or a smile to the person on the other side of the checkout. Try it out and see how it makes you feel. Observe the difference in the response of the people you deal with…

“A soft answer turns away wrath…”


A real live person!


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