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You can now apply for a job on your Facebook profile

Updated on February 16, 2017

In this way, the company wants not only to save time but also to become a serious competitor to platforms such as LinkedIn. Business representatives can now advertise vacancies directly into their pages in the social network. Each of us will see a new Jobs section in our profiles. The feature will be available for mobile applications and the desktop version on Facebook.

Administrators of the pages will have the opportunity to update their ads and upload with just a few clicks according to DigitalTrends. Any publication of vacancy position will include a photo, title, location, type of work, corresponding payment and whether it is full or part-time. The job offers will appear not only in the pages of the companies themselves, but in the News Feed emissions of users who follow them. Each company can pay extra to be sure that a publication will reach a specific audience.

All Facebook users will have the option to perform searches by selection certain criteria of fields that are in their interests. The new section will be located next to the traditional sections Home, Photos and Posts. To apply you need to click on Apply button that will open a special online form to fill out. Within a few days the function will be available to all users with profiles on the social network.


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