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You can't fire me, I quit - Red signals you should see and start looking for a new job

Updated on November 6, 2013

Job uncertainty is what plagues employees in the 21st century. One day you have a job and the next day you walk into your office and you are handed termination letter. Often, employees don't have the idea that this is coming, but they do get red signals which they tend to ignore. Sometimes, employees do get the idea and start looking for another job. This is easy way out. Its not easy talking and jobs do not come on silver platter, yet employees choose the easy way, which is very wise and reasonable. This is because, once you are in the troubled waters, no matter what performance you show and how much you try to win people over, its a lost cause.

Red signals are signs that speak out that your job is in danger and the company has or is going to make shortly the decision to let you go. In other words, fire you. Yes that is a harsh word, but you have to digest it and be intuitive enough to recognize the signs.

Your boss has just informed you that the company is terminating your employment and has handed you paperwork with details of your package. You can hardly think


Its all me?

Yes, you could also be the reason why the organization decided to let you go and all the reasons described here could be true.

Even then, you should not blame yourself. You must think that you can do better.

They fired me, but WHY?

Here is what the organisation going to tell you what it really means and the red signs you should be intuitive enough not to ignore:

Your performance is not up to the mark

  • you were hired to do specific duties but they expect you to do more and sit after hours which you are not willing to

You do not follow instructions or you challenge your superior

  • Your manager is a new guy and wants to bring about changes in a spin which are not the least of value to the organisation and you are the one obstacle for your manager shining path

You are not fit for the job

  • You have a tendency to excel but company cannot promote you and put you in your manager's chair. Your manager is afraid that you might take his position one day and make him out of work

You fight with everyone and everyone fights with you. You are not a team player

  • Someone disagreed with you on work matters and that person has made an agenda to make you responsible for every miss-communication and disagreeable situation in future and have succeeded

You are being downsized

  • You are too costly to maintain due to your high salary and the company could replace you at half your salary

Would you wait for the Red signs to happen or plan exit strategy?

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Red Signs

Assignment of task out of your capability

  • You are being given a task which your manager knows that you are not experienced or qualified to do; and there is no training or help offered. Basically, you are left in a pool when you don't know how to swim.

Your manager slowly starts to take work away from you

  • You know you are the best person to do the task as you have the qualification and experience. But the task is reassigned to another person and you are assigned to train that guy

Your manager asks you to do your job description

  • Your manager already have your job description as it was the basis on which you are hired. This could be a subtle sign and you need to ask yourself are you doing tasks out of your job description If the answer is yes, then a new job description is justified. if not, then your manager is planning to replace you.

Change in management

  • There is a change in management and the organization is bringing in new people. It might be the time to start looking for a new job as the new management may bring in changes that are either challenging or out of routine. You will obviously try to adjust, but chances are you may not succeed.

Exit Strategy - Be in love with your work, not the company

Why wait for the FIRE word to happen? Of course, your organization would not say you are fire. Now a days they have sweetened the term to 'we are letting you go'. But sweet as it may see, it means the same thing.

  • Start contacting your old colleagues and references. You might stumble upon something.
  • Contact hiring agencies and see what they can assist you with
  • Start sending your resume on job posting sites like or
  • Above all, revamp and update your resume.

Always remember, you should not be in love with the company but with your work. You will find work with some other company.

© 2013 Fatiha


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