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You need not be a WAHM to turn passions in cash earners

Updated on May 12, 2011

WAHM Presumptions

There are many people who preassume that to be a entprising mompreneur you would need to be a WAHM (Work At Home Mom). I personally feel that this is a rather skewed notion as not only WAHMs are looking to earn extra money or a secondary source of income to supplement the current paycheck.

As a mom you have added responsibility to provide for the lives of your children that you bring into this world. I'm sure as a parent you only wish for the finest for your child and wish to provide for him both emotionally and financially.

It doesn't matter if you are a WAHM( Work at home Mom) or a FTWM( Full time working mom) if you have a special talent and am willing to take action to develop & market your talent you are on your way to becoming a mompreneur.

Turning your passions into cash earners

Starting an online business is one of the easiest way to get earn. Depending on your skills and talents there is a wide variety of ways your can start earning online.

  1. Start a desgining company. If you are good in graphic designing you can market your skills as a graphic designer and offer packages which include site makeover, logo/banner designs, business card designs etc.If web designing is your forte you can create a company offering web designing solutions, setting up websites, implementation and installtion of programs. I personally have been offering web creation solutions amoung other services to my clients.
  2. Do Freelance writingGhostwriting and article writing are very popular nowadays. Many big bloggers may hire other bloggers/writers to write content for their sites as they may not have the time to produce such content on a regular basis. You just need to do a google search and will be able to see the number of sites hiring article writers.
  3. Promote related services offline. If you are or were a teacher you can offer consultancy services to related businesses as an educational consultant. You can even write your own book on a given topic and sell it. It would be capitalising on your existing expertise and creatively marketing it. You can even be a food or wedding consultant!!
  4. Create items with your handsIf you are good in knitting, cooking or any crafts there are many opportunities available for you. Besides hawking your wares you can also conduct classes teaching others how to bake among other things. If you are unable to conduct the classes in your house due to space constrains or space usage limitation you can always rent a studio or room from the nearby community centre.

There are many ways which you can turn your passions into cash. Once you have decided to follow your passions go all out and work for it. I'm sure you will definitely be satisfied with the rewards that you will reap.


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