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You want how much? Carpet sales today

Updated on July 15, 2013
Do I have samples
Do I have samples | Source

You want how much? This is a common statement I get every day. I sell flooring in-home for a large flooring company. My job is to bring samples to your house, explain the in and outs of my products, measure, estimate the cost, and sell the product to you. My problem is in three areas, the cost of oil, the misleading costs of the competition, and nostalgia.


My product (carpet, tile, hardwood, and vinyl) is directly tied into the forces that are currently directing the market, or in other words oil. Most carpet today is a manmade fiber (nylon, polyester, or a mix) made from a poly or plastic, and plastic is made from oil. What a carpet cost 3 to 5 years ago will be different from what it is today because of this change in oil.

If you don't want carpet how about a hammer?
If you don't want carpet how about a hammer?


Now to add to this confusion you have the “big-box stores” who “jimmy” their prices to show a lower price without mentioning all the added costs or worse will sell an inferior flooring product just so they can make the sale. My company has an inclusive price (from moving the furniture, removing the carpet, new pad, laying the new carpet, and putting the furniture back where it was) so naturally our price will appear higher that one of our competitors, because their price is all a la carte. One company is offering to install the entire house with carpet for $97 dollars. This is just the install and does not cover the cost of the padding, carpet removal, disposal, moving furniture, stairs, removing or placing glued down carpet, or any customization that may be needed for your house. So in short when you see that sign you will still need to pay for:

  1. the carpet
  2. padding
  3. tack strips
  4. removal of old carpet
  5. disposal of old carpet
  6. moving furniture
  7. Installation of any stairs.

In the end you may end up paying more for a cheaper carpet because the initial price looks so good or the adage that you get what you pay for. A 1.75 a square foot carpet can easily be a 3.75 a square foot job with you moving all the furniture.


“I bought carpet for my house 5 years ago for the price you want for just three rooms.” Yes and the price you would have paid for a new car 5 years ago is lower than today, the price of gas is higher than 5 years ago. You would not walk into a quality steak house order their best cut then demand to pay the 2005 price for that steak.

Tips for buying carpet

When a carpet salesperson gives you a price make sure the price covers everythingfrom the removal and disposal of the old carpet, the moving of the furniture, the padding, to the cost of installation. Don’t just ask for the price of the carpet because many will just quote that price and not the actual cost. a $700 carpet can quickly become a $1700 carpet with all the extras added making what looks like a high price to actually be fair or even affordable.

Make sure it is the flooring you want not just the price. Flooring is something you will live with for years to come with a cheap carpet living up to its name.

Ask about the warranties including if they are with the carpet company or with the manufacturer. Some companies are done with you when they leave the door while other back all their warranties themselves and will work with you on any problem. This is where it pays to go with as company that just deals with flooring and needs to keep its customers happy to stay in business.

Above all remember the salesperson that comes to your door is there to work with you to find the best carpet and best deal. He/she is not there to con you into something that will not work for you because in the long run such tactics will only hurt the salespersons and the company’s image.

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