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YouTube Post Bulletin Free Form Internet Advertising

Updated on October 24, 2012

Google + & Monetization Update

A Youtube Update

Most websites evolve and make adjustments to their platforms to stay on top of their game and stay successful and Youtube is one of the most popular web platforms on the web.

I recorded a short video to show a couple of changes Youtube has made and going to make on November 9, 2012. The first positive change Youtube has made is that they connected Google + to Youtube accounts. Awesome! I love it and will start to use Google + a lot more because they made the connection. The second change deals with the monetization of ads being shown in an Overlay in-video ad or TrueView in-stream ad. I chose both because I'm a Youtube Partner and if Youtube wants to show as many ads as possible to my audience that is fine with me. Think of it as an Adsense ad. Adsense recommends publishers to choose text and image ads to help increase click through rate. Think about it. It does make sense.

Anyway, the video to your right is an update video to visually show you what I speak about here. When Youtube makes more changes and I learn about them I'll record updated videos and post them here.

The video example has been updated to learn how to post a bulletin to the new Youtube Platform. Posting bulletins to inform subscribers still works as a way to advertise for free.

For New Platform Post YouTube Bulletins

Bulletin Posts

Most people are familiar with YouTube. YouTube is a wonderful free platform for people to upload videos they create and many Computer Gurus, Internet Marketers, Article Writers, Blog and Website creators understand that YouTube is a powerful tool when it comes to using it as a form of free advertising.

In this Hub I'm going to discuss the different ways I use YouTube to help me attract traffic. I'm sure there are many of you who are very familiar using YouTube as a form of free advertising but I'm sure there are many people who are new to YouTube and not familiar with the different ways people use it to advertise. I also believe that new people jump on the web everyday. I didn't get my first computer until I was 33-years-old. I had to start somewhere too.

The Basics

When I first created a YouTube Channel I had no idea what to do or what to expect but as time went on I learned how to make my YouTube Channel a popular place for people to visit.

After creating and uploading a few videos I would search for YouTube channels that shared my online interests. I would watch peoples videos and if I liked it of course I thumbed it up but then I would subscribe to the channel and leave a comment either on the channel's home-page or in the comment section under the video. This helped me connect with like-minded people while I expanded my web presence.

The more comments I wrote the more people visited my channel. I helped myself expand my web presence.

Subscribing Accepting and Inviting Friendships

This might sound very basic but subscribing to channels and inviting or accepting friendships does help expand your online presence too.

Every few months I take the time to view my friends connections. I browse their friend section of their channel. I do this because it helps me find more like-minded people to connect with. Imagine having your YouTube profile photo on hundreds or thousands of YouTube channels subscription section or friendship section. I'm sure many people have found me while browsing throughout YouTube.

Inform Subscribers Posting Bulletins

Having people subscribe to your YouTube channel helps with this form of free YouTube advertising.

Whenever I create and upload a video to one of my YouTube Channels, I take the time to send a Post Bulletin to inform my subscribers that I created a new video. Sending a Post Bulletin does two things. After I click the Post Bulletin Button I see my Bulletin Post posted to my Recent Activity section on my channel so when people visit my channel they see my most recent activity. That same post is posted onto all of my subscribers Recent Activity. Practicing this method of free advertising has helped me increase traffic to my YouTube channel and increase traffic increases the odds of me earning more revenue online.

If you have a unique way of using YouTube to advertise for free, please leave a comment below sharing how and what you do.


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