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Young Millionaire Entrepreneurs who used the Power of Leverage to Become Millionaires-Part 2

Updated on March 13, 2013
Symbol of Rich
Symbol of Rich

Every good authors love to present complete information. As much as possible I would love to do the same. I have three hubs on the keyword Leverages, Rich and Poor all in the range between $1 and $3 Cost Per Click (CPC) dollar value. It is leverage to the authors who write under a similar topic. Why? If you don’t know, let me tell you that search engines regard the author that write about a similar topic as an expert in that topic, rank his articles well in their page ranks and send lots of organic traffic to that author’s site. More traffic means more money if your keywords have good CPC value. Hub authors can use that leverage to their benefit. That is a bit about Hubpages you I am telling you if you don’t yet. Please don’t ask me how it works. I don’t know and don’t intend to. I’d rather concentrate on writing high quality hubs with all keywords of CPC over $1 and earn handsome dollars than to worry about what Google or other search engine guys do better.

Ok. Enough of Hubpages. Let’s get back to our young millionaires and see how they use leverage to create their wealth and discover life lessons we can learn from these young tycoons. If you wish to know more about leverages and how rich and poor use it and how it affects their life, read my previous hub in which I talked a great deal about Leverages.

For the benefit of others let me define leverages. Leverage as defined by Self-made millionaire, educator and investor, Robert Kiyosaki is

“Doing more with less effort”. I love to define it myself as “Doing more with less and getting greater results” The definition sets the tone for the rest of this hub. We will be asking and answering the question: How did these young people come to amass greater wealth in short span of time? You will soon realize that’s it’s not just thinking like rich or poor that determined the wealth of these young people but the power of leverages that propelled these young entrepreneur to rise above the rank of wealthy.

This hub is the continuation of Part 1. Part two continues on here….

Ritik Malhotra
Ritik Malhotra

Young Millionaire 4: Ritik Malhotra

The name sounds Indian and he looks Indian.And that is true. No different from his other millionaire counterparts, Ritik is ambitious and open minded. He is the kind of guy who can do anything that he sets his mind on. He started business as the tender age of 12. Whilst most of us were still relying on our parents’ earnings, Ritik took to the road to earn for himself. He did something the rich and powerful do and the poor don’t do…he got himself educated. By age 13, the young entrepreneur was running a web-hosting and software consultancy called HostingAxis.

You want know the age at which Ritik started programming computers? 8 years old. All I could say is woh! He is a genius. During the four years, that is from 8 years to 12 years,Ritik vigorously pursued education. He studied how to attract more viewers to his site. Technically speaking, he studied search engine optimization or SEO in short. In actual fact, he was studying online marketing techniques, a course which is taught in some universities around the globe.

He grew every day from knowledge to knowledge and business to business. As his business blossomed, so his personal wealth. His vigorous effort to study web designs and search engine optimization skills paid off and he was able to attract 250, 000 visitors in one year. As his knowledge grew, the number of visitors to his site grew exponentially to 6.5 million viewers. He had made a fortune because he used the power of leverages.

Lessons from RitikMalhotra

  • Get educated –Leverage of Knowledge
  • Used leverage of technology
  • Serve more and earn more

Ray Land
Ray Land

Young Millionaire 5: Ray Land

From far, Ray fits the description of a wealthy business man. He looks handsome, intelligent and business like. A look any young women can easily fall for. But with a charming smile plastered on his face, you could easily mistake his as just another businessman if you don’t know him. This is a young tycoonrose up the rank of wealthy and powerful. Some described Ray as being glamorous as his glamorous limousines. Ray runs coach, car and limousine service.

Ray is the type of person who can create something with click of fingers. What is more amazing about this young man’s ability is his ability to plan to details, leaving nothing unchecked. That is such a rare ability young Ray possesses.

The ability to plan things in detail was realized in school, at the eighth grade. He quickly developed passion for planning and travelling after planning trips whilst in school. He kept his passion burning until the age of 17 when he bought his first motor coach and started his own company called Fabulous Coach. In 2012, Ray had about 65 vehicles and annual revenue of $6.5 million.

If you carefully study this young man’s life, you will see a person who understands the leverage of his mind. He knew he was good in planning and so concentrated on developing this trait. Had he not come to understand that he was good in planning, I doubt he would be making over $6.5 million annually.

Mind as I keep saying holds the key to your success, failure and eve death. If you closely follow this hub from the Leverage to Part 1 of this hub, you will see that all else falls back to using mind. MIND is the key thing you need to change and all else will follow.

Lessons from Ray Land

  • Find out what you are good at and follow our heart
  • Serve more and earn more


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