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Your Business and Web Advertising

Updated on April 19, 2011

Advantages of Web Advertising

Internet advertising allows firms to develop Web sties where the products and services offered can be described and promoted in detail. A particular advantage of Web advertising is how quickly a company can change an ad. The case is not always so for more traditional media like print,radio,and TV where flexibility is limited. One example is in the print ad market where a company updates or revises a services brochure and the time it takes to send it out for printing and distribute it, and still the customer may hold on and refer to the old outdated copy. If this same update is done right on a companys website ,customers always see the latest version. Web advertising simply means that companies can react quickly to changing demand and address any customer communication with a prompt response.

Advertise Both Ways

A smart advertising move for a company with an Internet presence is to utilize both the traditional media and the Internet, which includes e-mail,lists and news. What companies do to drive new traffic to their website is to use print,radio and TV advertising to provide URLS for their Web sites as a way to push customers towards them. In terms of Internet communication,both inbound and outbound e-mail can solicit frequent and active Internet customers. This is possible because with outbound e-mail for instance companies can alert past customers or subscribers to sales and special deals only available on the web or at a nearby store close to a customer. The inbound e-mail provides a company with access to what customers want or would like to see as well as any complaints or suggestions.

Pop-up Windows

Even though we find pop-up windows annoying they are needless to say another way a company may advertise. Most of them are credible but annoying because you never asked for them to be right in your face. Companies still use them and they do work.

Apply Advertising Principles

The basic principles of having a "well oiled machine" and what I mean is a successful business site is also important in Hubs,Blogs,or any personal website. In a business you may be selling durable goods or a service just as in a Hub or Blog you are selling your expertise and knowledge. The point in fact is in order to be a success you have to promote,update and keep things interesting particulary if you are wanting to make some extra income.


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