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Your CV Sucks, do Something!

Updated on January 8, 2017
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Luciano Bove is a car design manager working at Renault Design, born in Italy he studied at Art Center College of Design in California.

David R. Lee Graphic Designer
David R. Lee Graphic Designer | Source

Dear friends,

this is the period of portfolios’ reception on my emails & Facebook pages.

Design schools are almost ready for diploma ceremonies and all students are completing their portfolios and CVs.

In a Special Lecture (IAAD Design school), about “Portfolio Content, ” I tried to explain how important is the Content and its organization inside a Portfolio.

Your CV has to follow more or less the same rule unless it becomes confusing and time-consuming to be understood. We do not like to waste our time behind a CV!

Now, how are the majority of your CVs I receive with your portfolios? They suck!

Yes, they do.

I am sure you are asking yourself the reason of my negative thoughts about your CVs, to make it easier I’ll try to list all problems I saw reading most of your CVs.

Design, Inspiration,Technology
Design, Inspiration,Technology | Source

We have to do something!

What is not working?

- The order of your information is often wrong (do not forget we read from left to right…)

- The chronological order of every session is wrong (the newest activity goes up-front)

- The typeface size of your lettering is too small (can you read?)

- The typeface color of your lettering is too light (can you read?)

- The content of your CV sometimes is off topic (especially Italian CVs)

- The Editorial Design of your CV does not match your Portfolio’s style (did you realize you have different Graphics?)

What do I expect from a good CV?

During the first 5 seconds I want to know:

- Who you are

- Which design school you attended

- If you had a job or internship experience.

Make order and manage your content

The first information session is going to be about our personal data, the second session will be relevant schools attended starting to list the last one our Design school. So start from 2014 and end with 2005 or whatever. Always note in your list correct starting dates and ending activities (from….to….).

A correct chronological order, as the one I suggested, will give the opportunity to read faster your latest activities, in this way the reader does not have to search in your CV!

At the end of your CV you can write a little bit about your hobbies, but please do not write that you were a bar waiter during your summer vacation!

Your Editorial or Graphic Design

I know that some of you will think that this Graphic look is not important; it is enough to write correctly all information on a white A4 paper and our CV is done!

This is a poor vision if we think that we are talking about future designers working in a Design environment. Are you designers? Not yet, but do you feel like one? Yes? Then play the game all the way to the end!

During your internship or job interview, everything should be as perfect as possible even if we know that perfection does not exist. For this reason, you must have a CV that matches your Portfolio, so my suggestion is that when you prepare your portfolio graphic organization at the same time you should think also about how your CV integrates it. Got the point?

Here some links useful to you about CV's redaction

How do I do my CV?

Designer CV

Car designer CV

Thank you for reading,

Luciano Bove

Portfolio Content Lecture at IAAD

This is the video in which you will find my last Lecture about Portfolio Content, it is part of a Lecture done at IAAD Design school in Turin Italy (March 2014).

I hope it can be useful to you!

© 2014 Luciano Bove


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