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Your Gift is Your Wealth Part 3

Updated on April 14, 2017

Time to Create

Once you have an idea of what you love doing sit down with pen and a large sheet of paper and create a mind map. Start by writing your idea in the centre of the page in a box or a circle, then begin to write all around it what you might need, other things you might like to add into it at some point, people you may want to involve or speak to, how you might advertise and get the word out there...try and answer the who, what, when, where, how, and why questions. This will give you a clear understanding of what needs to be done to get it going, where you might start or work from and whatever else needs to be done to get you going. So go ahead and start creating! Let it flow.

Go the Extra Mile

A major key for us in developing our own multiple streams of income is to offer more than others do. For example: if you were to run with something like my curry, spices, and gluten free mixes that I was offering you go the extra mile by including recipes to use the spices and curries in and creating and uploading some free cooking lesson videos, which could later be turned into a cooking class which people can pay to do online and in person. You could make your packaging something special and unique.

If you went with something like house cleaning for clients, you could leave some freshly picked flowers from your garden in a vase on the table, leave some chocolates on the pillows, or the occasional batch of homemade cookies and soup, and the use of homemade cleaning products - such as infused cleaning vinegar and essential oil, dusting sprays instead of all the nasty chemicals on the market today. Homemade cleaning products can be much better for you, and certainly lots cheaper as well and they leave the house smelling AMAZING!!!

Whatever it is that we find to do it is important that we do it all with the spirit of excellence and that it is something we love to do and we do it and go the extra mile. Clients will love you and become your best marketing tool as they tell others about you and what you do for them. You won't need to advertise but clients will be looking for you. Most of my clients and customers are all from word of mouth only and I love it that way.

We can also become our own marketing guru by asking around to get a feel of what people are looking for and want. Learn to ask good open ended questions - that require more than a yes/no response. You could ask something like, "If you had a cleaner come and clean your home each week what would be three things you would wish for them to do for you that perhaps other cleaners have not done?"

Customer service in Australia is pretty sad compared to quite a few other countries. So, for us to offer really good, honest, and reliable service with a happy person who loves what they do and who offer something special is like a breath of fresh air. I can tell you that you own streams of income will prosper when you have this attitude. Always be totally honest in your dealings with clients and customers. Even in the writing stream of income that I have developed and am working in at the moment, I ALWAYS ensure that I create a job sheet for each project and client showing the hours I am working on their project and what I do within that time. I give as much detail as I can and I add the costing for each day. These job sheets are regularly sent through to clients so they know exactly where we are at with the project and with the funding. Clients love it! I never charge them for things I don't do and I keep my prices as low as I can for them and even offer a discount for pensioners for the services I provide.

Next post is the last part in this series which will continue to encourage and show you how to develop your own streams of income by doing what you love and love what you do!


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