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Your Guide to Get Started as a Fresher

Updated on September 1, 2014

Fresher Jobs

Know how to get started

There lie some challenges for freshers before they kick start their career. The first question a person has in mind soon after completing his/her graduation is 'what next'. He/she is generally surrounded by the thoughts of where to for the ideal jobs and how to reach them. To this, there lies a guide that can help you move ahead to achieve the best in life. From finding an apt answer to where to look for a job to how to ace it on your first day, everything will be sorted in this write-up.

The freshers at first need to be clear on what to do. They should be clear with their aspirations, and do the research to know where to apply and what companies can be the ideal workplaces for them to move ahead. They can also seek help from the professionals in their social circle.

Tips to ensure that you are on the right track

A wisely developed resume helps

You may have read this many a times before that you need to develop your resume wisely. But, do you really know what to include include in it and what not. The resume you are sending out to the recruiters needs to be factual and not hyped. You should always avoid the usage of some specific terms such as go-getter, best of breed, team player, strategic thinker. Instead you should prefer using simplified terms like improved, created and increased.

Join the leading job portals

It just takes a few minutes to get registered on a job portal. You may have already created an account on many job portals, but you also need to ensure that the job portal you are registered on, is of use to you. You can even try searching for suitable jobs on the leading portals like Career Builder.

Look around for help

Your social circle can provide a great deal of help. You just need to know how to use it to get started. You should first make your people know that you are on a job hunt. They may give you some tips or can even refer you for an opening.

Maintain your online reputation

We are living in an era where not just the things, events, but even the people are searched for, on the internet. So, do keep an eye on your online reputation.

Social platforms too are of help

Job hunt cannot just be done on the portals. Today, the social platforms too serve as significant ways to find a suitable job. Especially the ones like Linked in, which are meant for professional networking. So, be active on these social websites and make the best use of these to reach out to the best fresher jobs.

Tips for freshers

Fresher jobs
Fresher jobs | Source

How to ace it on the first day of work?

So, you have the job you were looking for long. You have finally made it to your first workplace, and you are no more going to be a fresher now on. But still you have much to keep yourself on the right track in your very first job. Below are some of the tips that can help you ace it on the your first day at work.

Know all about the company before you join

Before you join the company, you should have the relevant details about its services, products, and other details. For this, you should research well about it, its client list and achievements. This will help you understand its goals and get yourself in the right shoes before you are a part of the company. This research will also help you do an analysis on what can you do to help the organization grow.

Be on time

Never be late on your first day. Being late on your first day leaves a bad impression. So, be on time, prepare for the day a night before.

Be confident

A confident posture and a firm handshake help you be perceived rightly. It's crucial to wear the right posture when you get introduced to your team lead or other teammates when you join a company. So, remind yourself to be confident with your posture and words. It will surely help.

Do ask questions that are relevant

You are new to the workplace, and so you have the right to ask questions. There may be a lot of things on your mind, about the workplace, your profile and other things. Don't hesitate to ask questions that are relevant. It will also help you know the organization and the people better.

Be a good listener

Imagine, you don't remember the things mentioned about your profile and tasks on your first day. It can turn out to be bad for you. So, never fall in such a situation and the best way to prevent it to be a good listener.

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Sources that can help you land you into a job as a fresher

So, you are all set to get started as a fresher, but still unclear of how to move ahead. No worries, simply tune to this guide to get ahead and you'll be there.

The first thing you should do as a fresher is to register yourself on the job portals that help you find the suitable jobs.

The other significant sources include Linkedin. It is a professional network, where the ideal jobs are posted by the leading employers.

Besides, one has to make the best use of the connections. The social connections you have made till now could help you find the job. So, let the people around you know that you are on a job hunt.


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