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Your Quick Review Of Facebook Ad Power

Updated on May 8, 2011

Your Quick Review of Facebook Ad Power

Internet marketers are increasingly having difficulties with Google Adwords.

Many people are having their accounts cancelled and aren't even given a reason for this. This is the danger that comes from allowing a single company to corner the market on internet advertising the way Google has. They can pretty much do whatever they want! You do have other choices, of course; Google isn't the only way to promote your products online.

One area of internet marketing that is just starting to take off is social network advertising. This is why Facebook Ad Power was created: to give internet marketers a reasonable and profitable alternative to the Google Adwords program.

If you are curious about Facebook Ad Power, our review of the course may help you make up your mind about it.

The basic idea behind Facebook Ad Power is that of education. This is a product that is meant to teach you how to harness the power of Facebook and use it to advance your internet marketing business. The course uses video tutorials to deliver the information. This is a thorough course, and some of the videos are quite long. You are given the essential facts about using this system in the initial video, which runs for almost an hour and a half. One person who watched it took twelve whole pages of notes during the first video alone. That shows how much is packed into this course!

The goal of Facebook Ad Power is to show you how to advertise your products or services using Facebook's growing advertising network. There are literally hundreds of millions of people who regularly use Facebook. But the number of advertisers on Facebook is a tiny fraction of the number of advertisers that use Google. So Facebook is a new advertising medium that most of your competition hasn't even found yet! Why would you compete with the vast market that is Google when you can get just as many (if not more) eyes on your products through Facebook advertising?

Facebook Ad Power provides you with four videos. The longest video is the first one. While the first video gives you the whole Facebook ad system, the other three give you an overview of internet marketing principles. From these three, shorter videos you can get some valuable ideas that are useful for any kind of marketing. These extra videos have real value, as one reviewers reported that they gave her so many ideas for her business that she filled up an entire notebook while watching them. You may or may not have the same kind of reaction, but this shows that the course has the ability to hold people's attention and give some inspiration.

With Facebook, you have an advertising market that has barely been tapped. Unlike Adwords, you can still advertise with little competition and high conversions. Even better, your advertising budget will be a lot less on Facebook compared to Adwords. The purpose of Facebook Ad Power is to teach internet marketers exactly how they can spend less money than with Google and still advertise on a site with hundreds of millions of visitors. Perhaps the creator of Facebook Ad Power is not Google's biggest fan, but this bias led him to create this very informative and innovative new program!

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