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Grow Your Social Media Presence

Updated on October 17, 2016

Thrive in Social Media

Having a great social media presence can help your business grow like a weed!

I say first off is would be good to identify your goals. Do you want more customers ?

Identify your market. Find the people that need your product or service.

Be for real I cannot say this enough. Be yourself and have a genuine desire to help people.

Even if you are the hard selling type I believe it good to remember that we are dealing with people that have feelings. Its is important to me to remember that aspect of marketing.

Produce content that people can use. Produce valuable content that will help someone with their business. Just dont shove your product or service down their throat. Even if you know they will benefit from it.

People need to make their own decisions to use your product or service and not feel forced to do so.

This will create a happier customer and a longer lasting one also.

Engage with people in a positive manner. Sure almost anyone can see what we do not like. But it takes a special person to look around or through that aspect of people.

Be kind all of us are at different stages in life and require different assistance.

Hootsuite works for you!

Get a free Hootsuite account!

Hootsuite! has been one of the best tools that I have found to make my life easier. I schedule most of my social media posts right from my web browser.

I post on all my social media sites at once. I have total control over all of my accounts.

It makes sharing and helping people so much easier that before. Everyone needs Hootsuite to help promote their hubpage account. I am now scheduling my posts to get more traffic to my hubs!

I am at the beach when many of the posts are going out!

Need help with your website or social media promotions. I have over 20 years of experience in helping business become more successful online!

Contact me if you nee help with your business!

More Time to do what you Love!

Who wants more time to do what they love?

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Metrics from Hootsuite

Metrics from Hootsuite have provided us with tangible and quantifiable insights to measure content that is shared with leadership teams. These Metrics illustrate the success of content and how we can reach new and existing audiences better. Meaning Are you tracking your social media posts to see which ones are being read?

Share custom reports to prove social ROI

Bring social media metrics from Twitter and Facebook together into custom reports that you can easily export and share with your team.


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