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Your supervisor makes a surprise visit to your office

Updated on March 3, 2013
Looks cold but ice can burn you
Looks cold but ice can burn you | Source

Surprise Visit from Your Supervisor

A surprise visit from my supervisor today,

I have noticed some amazing things happen over the years to newer employees or other managers whom have a low self esteem or just not sure that they will always have a job. I see many employees seem to scramble and put things away and seem to be just plain nervous. What are they nervous about, this is what I think, One of the things employees seem to say is why are they coming here? It seems that they fear that they have done something wrong. Why I ask myself would they feel this way. Does your organization manage in fear. I mean this do they manage the negatives or do they embrace the positives.Does the management team help remove barriers from the employees to help them achieve there goal or do they beat them up over all of the problems that employees or just plain anyone can not achieve. I have supervisors that help me not hurt me, how do you get them always to help you see below.

I usually never fear this type of situation and have done my homework on how to save the nerves, Although this has taken many years, because of many supervisors over the years from low level poor managers to middle managers to CEO"s.

Some great words of advice are,

Keep your desk clean, this will eliminate anyone thinking that you are sloppy.

Keep your trash can clean at all times, take trash to another trash can like the lunch room, People hate to look at uneaten food it may give them an impression that you are a pig.

Do not have a bunch of cloths in your office without hanging them up neatly

Use a daily planner and practice the use of it so that you rarely ever forget anything. This takes great skill and a lot of practice.

Company objectives, get them done and do at least 2 times more than that is required so if you need to make 2 sales per week you better make at least 4. A great sales person would do 10 times more. By doing 10 times more you will be the supervisor in a short period of time.

Are your floors clean in your office I mean the corners and all around your desk. People all remember the flooring, Let me ask you this: do you remember going to Vegas want did the floors look like? Neat and clean.

Have you had a good hair cut are you well groomed, people like good looking people. Good looks may get you promoted faster, Everyone likes a good looking person it is just human nature it can not be overwritten.

Getting along with others your employees, coworkers and customers this is important, they won't throw you under the bus if something goes wrong, and it will nothing is 100% perfect.

Do you help others in need, I mean if someone needs help with a problem do you volunteer to help them. What comes around goes around Ha one day they may be your supervisor. They could marry the CEO's daughter or something like that. You get the point.

When was the last time you did a random act of kindness if you can not remember. You better wake up because many people need help out there. Try to do one good deed per day it will come back to you 10 fold.

And finally be a great salesperson because you will always have a job, because every company needs you. Without sales no one has a job.

Michael H. Simmons



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