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Ze Frank: Are you human?

Updated on May 29, 2017

Watch your chosen video twice. The first time, watch it without sound. Assess the speaker’s delivery, noting gestures, body language, and tone. Pay attention to the speaker’s facial expressions and the way he or she is dressed. Note your observations. Then, watch the video a second time with the sound on. Did the content of the speech match your initial nonverbal assessment? How did the nonverbal cues (e.g., posture, eye contact, and body movement) impact the delivery? What type of words did the speaker use, and was the word choice appropriate? Include the title of the speech and a link to it in your initial post.

Ze Frank: Are you human?

Observations without Sound:

  • Suit jacket, button up collared shirt (left collar open), blue pants
  • Adjusts the microphone
  • Has to hunch over to use the microphone
  • Reading from something on the podium
  • Looks up occasionally to make specific eye contact
  • Raises his hand without looking up
  • Uses some facial expressions, but the microphone blocks a good portion of them
  • Looks around the room frequently (left and right) without straitening up
  • Does not move his body much other than raising his hand occasionally
  • Finishes by picking up his papers off the podium and walking out

The content of the speech did not match up with my nonverbal assessment; my assessment without the sound was that the speech would be done in a soft voice and not have much impact on the audience. I expected the minimal body movement, the slouched posture, and the sporadic eye contact to detract from the speaker’s speech. However it did not because the speech was filled entirely with questions which caused the audience to focus on answering each question, which in turn caused them not to focus as much on the speaker’s body language and eye contact. I do think his speech would have been improved by a more formal or informal dress as his clothing appeared like an odd mix between formal and informal. I felt that the word choice was mostly appropriate; I feel that the speaker could have gotten the same response without using some of the more insulting words, but I do not feel like they detracted from his speech. The speaker’s word choice was greatly affected by the fact that his speech was mainly a long list of continuous questions. He used the words “have you ever” frequently. I feel it would have been beneficial for him to change up his wording a bit as it was rather repetitive.


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