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Zealous Affiliate Reviews The Wealthy Affiliate University For Article Marketing

Updated on June 12, 2010

So I'm guessing if you're reading this, you're already aware of what The Wealthy Affiliate University is and offers, but if not, you can find out more on Wealthy Affiliate for beginners at Zealous Affiliate.

I assume you're going down the "free" route in your internet marketing endeavours in being on Hubpages, which is a great idea. It's a great source to provide quality articles on your chosen products whilst also boosting those necessary backlinks to your site. But there's just one problem - how do you actually write in a personable manner that connects with your audience? And more importantly, how do you get that audience to read your Hubs in the first place?

It's all very well and good building the necessary backlinks to improve your search ranking, but if noone ever finds your articles and blogs the search engines aren't going to consider them particularly great quality backlinks. Sure they may be written well with great content, but if they're getting 5 views a week then you're essentially losing a lot of traffic to your product page, or personal site.

So how can you get the traffic you need to your backlinks? This seems to be an overlooked idea because internet marketers just assume that these backlinks will do all the work for you. Well the truth is, you're going to have to backlink your backlinks!

So where can you get help on knowing how to accomplish that task? At Zealous Affiliate of course! Zealous Affiliate offers unbiased internet marketing resource reviews that essentially place you in the member's shoes. This gives you the freedom of making a well-informed decision as to whether you should invest in these online marketing guides and communities services.

The review we're concerned with is whether The Wealthy Affiliate University is effective in boosting not only your articles' quality, but also it's quantity and traffic! So if you're raring to find whether  a membership at The Wealthy Affiliate University will be of any use to the frequency of your Affiliate and Adsense paycheques, Read Zealous Affiliate's Review of The Wealthy Affiliate University for Article Marketing.


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