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Zealous Affiliate - Unbiased Internet Marketing Resource Reviews

Updated on June 12, 2010

Have you ever spent hours surfing through countless 'make money fast!' websites to end up no wiser on the subject than when you started?

Same here.

This is the problem of internet marketing. People can set up their own website and start mindlessly promoting every affiliate scheme they can lay their hands on. That wouldn't bother me, if it weren't for that fact that these salesmen haven't actually purchased the product themselves. So what are they reviewing you may ask?

You tell me.

Most of these internet marketing guide affiliates are simply making up their facts and figures off the top of their heads because they've been too cheap to actually step forward and purchase the guide they're promoting. This makes their site a sales page - not a review page. Having grown sick and tired of this persistent occurence, it came with elation that I came across Zealous Affiliate.

So what's Zealous Affiliate all about?

Zealous Affiliate is written by affiliates, for affiliates. More importantly, it's been constructed with you in mind for the most enjoyable user experience - hence there are no adverts on the page.

One of our key projects at the moment is taking an in-depth look at the ins and outs of The Wealthy Affiliate University. This is an online internet marketing community that promises quite a lot in terms of its resources: free website hosting, over 500 guides and a large forum amongst a large list of other things.

That sounds impressive, right? Absolutely. But how are you to know what the quality of these resources is like? The 500 instructional books and videos could be poorly written, copy & pasted guides providing no information whatsoever. This is exactly why I started Zealous Affiliate. I'm going to give you the heads up to whether this community is worth your investment.

If you're ready to learn more about Zealous Affiliate, or you want to jump right into the in-depth reviews of Wealthy Affiliate, you can do so below.

Zealous Affiliate prides itself on it's personal touch - allowing users to freely interact with the site creator, allowing the influence of queries, requests and general site feedback. If you're not quite convinced or perhaps a little confused about their reviews after reading, you can always contact them directly through

Whether you're looking to make money online, or just to research some of the internet marketing guides on offer, be sure to bookmark


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      vguide 5 years ago

      Thanks for valuable information about Zealous Affiliate.

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      Find Programs 7 years ago

      continue posting good articles...