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Zip Code Maps

Updated on June 7, 2008

Learning the various zip codes out there can really be tough work. Most of us thankfully don’t have to memorize them. We either have the complete address for someone written down, we can call them and ask for it, or we can look it up in the phone book or online. Those that work in the postal service do need to have a good idea of the various zip code areas though. This way they can accurately sort those items that their electronic readers aren’t able to take care of.

Every zone in the United States has its own zip code. If you look at maps of zip codes you will find that states start their zip codes with the same two numbers. It is the last three of it that are different. Of course the four additional digits added to the end of it will all be different as well. Some very large states have two consecutive starting numbers that cover their span of zip codes.

You can easily pull up zip code maps on your computer if you are interested in looking at such information. You can also ask for assistance at your local post office. Chances are the people behind the counter will be very willing to help you look up a particular zip code. Try to do this during off peak times though so you won’t be holding up the line of people behind you.

Many advertisers use zip code maps in order to help them get their information out to people. They want to make sure they are targeting those that have retail stores in their area. Otherwise it is a waste to be sending those materials to people that don’t even have that type of store anywhere close to them. Even if you think those fliers you get in the mail aren’t personal they have been sent to you based upon your zip code in many instances.

There are zip code maps for other countries as well. In the United States all of the zip codes are created from combinations of numbers. In many other countries though they are a combination of both letters and numbers. Still, you will need to have this information correct to ensure what you are mailing to another country will get there.


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