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Zlio stores - scam or not?

Updated on October 19, 2010

Does Zlio work?

Making money online can be a bit hit or miss, especially if you aren't experienced and don't understand your keywords from your sitemaps. Setting up and administering a web shop can be daunting and VERY time consuming. Zlio claims that you can set up a fully functioning store in just 5 minutes! offers an easy way to make a online store without you spending a single penny. The idea is simple - Zlio provide everything you need to get up and running. All you have to do is choose what you would like to sell, pick a store name, pick one of the (very good) website designs, and you're half way there! (You can design your own website if you prefer, but for beginners it's probably better to pick one of the pre-designed themes.) You are basically promoting other peoples products and earning a cut of the sale when a customer buys. You can add your own Adsense account to your site too, a useful way of earning a bit more. I have to say that it would be quite an achievement to get a whole store done in five minutes, in reality it took me a few hours of tinkering until i was happy, but thats still pretty quick.

So you have your website, now you just need to populate it with lovely money making products. This is where Zlio really comes into its own. You simply pick products from a large range of big name retailers and click 'add', the descriptions are already done, photos are already taken, and crucially you aren't actually stocking any products yourself or having any direct contact with customers. Payments are all handled automatically, so there's no need to worry about fraud,refunds or any of the other potential headaches that come with having a web shop.

Once you have populated your site Zlio publish it to the search engines for you. Within 48 hours my test site was visible on the net. However you do need to do some work to get some visitors to your site. Once again Zlio try to make it as easy as possible, automatically submitting sitemaps, and prompting you if some of your products are going to be hard to find on the net. How much you then decide to promote your store is up to you, but as with most things the more effort you put in, the better the results.


First the pros:

  • Its totally free
  • Its easy, even for beginners
  • The websites look good
  • You can have multiple sites
  • Teaches newbies basics about keywords and online presence
  • You can use adsense and earn a bit more
  • Its actually works and you WILL make money

And now the cons

  • You're probably not going to make millions

Even though i'm relatively experienced with web shops, i found Zlio to be quite fun, and it's certainly one of the more user friendly ways for beginners to get going online. And lets be honest, everyone, even the experienced webmasters like a bit of extra cash. If you want to have a try, sign up here - you really don't have anything to loose!


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    • christopheranton profile image

      Christopher Antony Meade 

      8 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

      That sounds like a really interesting idea. I might look into that. Thankyou.


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