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Ability to Create Top Level Domain Names: Should ICANN Block This?

Updated on November 22, 2010

I have been wondering all along why ICANN is restricting some top level domain names validation. Let those people who want to make a new TLD register it with ICANN. If the TLD is available, and if these people have the knowhow and the desire to market the TLD, by all means let them do it.

It should be the same concept as registering a domain name. ICANN should simply be a super registry place for top level domain names. It would be stupidity for example for domain name registrars companies to ask for a business plan or a non-refundable application fee before a person registers a domain with them.

It would be silly for these companies to have rounds of domain names to be released which they've chosen in advance. For example, if .code (dot code) was available and I registered it for myself, then I could start selling associated sub domains for my dot code extension.

In the structure of it all, a sub domain is but a dot and a domain removed, and the domain is a dot and sub domain removed. It seems pretty clear that ICANN is simply restricting free trade and enterprise. They won't open up the top level domain names for everyone. This is how silly this is.

Do you need to present a business plan to get a business license? Do you need to prove financial stability? If you were to get the business license, do you need to have the expertise to open up a shop before you are given the license? Will the city that you open up a shop in get threatened if you go out of business?

The answers to all these questions is “Of course not!” In this sense, ICANN is blocking the ability to create the top level domain names of my choice. In my eyes, it's a violation of my rights. As an internet entrepreneur, I believe that the right to free enterprise exists for me.

I feel that people should be able to register their own TLD, and then have the ability to start selling domain names using their own TLDs. There should be no qualifications for it. If a person fails at their enterprise, then they fail, like with any other free enterprise business. I feel that the practice of restricting TLDs to benefit the bottom line of business IPs needs to cease.


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      mgassistant 7 years ago

      Followed and voted you up. Cool hub!